Resistance – combination of resistances. IOE entrance exam syllabus. Wheatstone bridge. IOE entrance exam syllabus 2077 is shown in the picture. Linear combination of vectors, Linearly dependent and independent set of vectors, Scalar and vector product of two vectors, simple applications. Specific heat capacity. Energy of SHM. Kinetic theory of gases. Series and Parallel Electric Circuits, Energy Resources, Transformers, Electrical Energy Generation, Measurement of Electric Current, Voltage and Power. Kirchhoff’s law and its application. Your email address will not be published. Maxima and Minima of a function. emf. emf. Trigonometric equations and general values, Inverse trigonometric functions, Principal values, Properties of triangles; Centroid, incentre, Orthocentre and circumcentre and their properties. Critical reasoning questions measure your ability to read with understanding, insight and discrimination. Achromatic combination of lenses visual angle. Measurement of heat energy. Surface tension phenomenon. Conversion of galvanometer into voltmeter and ammeter. Velocity of sound in solid, liquid and gas: Laplaces correction. Laws of gravitation. Energy of SHM. Photoelectric effect Radioactivity. Total internal reflection. First law of thermodynamics. MSc Entrance Curriculum 2076 02/02/2020 View Full Notice: 4 MSc Notice 2076 01/30/2020 View Full Notice: Powered By: Institute of Engineering Pulchowk, Lalitpur P.O. Conduction, convection and radiation. IOE has revised its syllabus for BE entrance exam from 2066 batch. For any queries and suggestion drop your email address on comment box of any post. Measurement of heat energy. Capillarity. Entrance Exam, IOE Starts Online Application form for Board Exam, Rural Road Engineering Exam Cancelled and Rescheduled, Fee Structure for BE, B. Arch in IOE Constituent Engineering Colleges, Admission Procedure in IOE Constituent & Affiliated Engineering Colleges, Registration Process for Nepal Engineering Council (NEC), Electronics & Communication Engineering Syllabus. Force on a current carrying conductor. This post consists of syllabus and course contents of Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Bachelor in Architecture (B.Arch) in Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuvan University (TU) and entrance exams for Bachelor and Masters level. Saturated and Unsaturated vapour. Dimensions, Equations of motion, Motion of a projectile. Damped vibration. Second Law of thermodynamics. Gas laws. AC circuits. Resistance– combination of resistances. Note: Online Entrance Exam Syllabus/Model Question at IOE Pulchowk From 2071, Entrance exam will be conducted in 2 part. Potentiometer. Characteristics of Sound wave. Chemical effect of current. Electric Charge. is it compulsory to have citizenship certificate???? Refraction of light through plane surfaces. Section-B This section consists of stream specialized course with 60 nos. Expansion of solid, liquid and gas. Latent heat. Waves in String. Electromagnetic induction. Simple harmonic motion. A. Waves in pipes. Stationary waves. Surface tension phenomenon. Galvanometer. Permitivity. While attending the entrance exam, every candidate should have Admit Card along with Identity card which could be citizenship certificate, passport or driving license. To access the Syllabus/ Course/ Curriculum of this section, go to links according to stream of specialization. Solid friction. Beat phenomenon. Characteristics of Sound wave. It can be Citizenship card, voter card, passport, traffic license or +2/diploma/ or equiv. Coulomb's law.

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