CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a range of four years (e.g. Big data is a critical competitive advantage for companies that know how to use it. What Happened to the ‘Innovation, Disruption, Technology’ Dividend? Read the latest in IT research from research institutes around the world. New research on information technology from Harvard Business School faculty on issues including the fiasco, online privacy concerns, and the civic benefits of technologies that utilize citizen-created data. Internet-based access to the Compendex database of citations, abstracts, and indexing of the world's engineering journal articles and conferences from 1884 to current, plus Web site abstracts and information … Open for comment; Comment(s) posted. Research on the effects of information technology on economic, social and human development including ethics, digital innovation and medical informatics. What do YOU think? From Weight Watchers to bariatric surgery, innovations for combatting obesity abound. Kara Sage, Michael Piazzini, John Charles Downey IV & Langa Masilela. Open for comment; Comment(s) posted. IT is considered to be a subset of information and communications technology … Setting sales targets has always been an inexact science, with serious consequences if done poorly. Open for comment; 20 Comment(s) posted. Devices, apps, robots, and everything else that makes technology essential to your modern life. Disruptors Sell What Customers Want and Let Competitors Sell What They Don’t. However, investors only slowly incorporate the value implications of digital activities into prices. Information Technology & People has a longstanding reputation for publishing up to date, interesting, relevant and provocative research which opens up new directions for academic research. More and more nontechnology companies are adopting digital technologies like AI, data analytics, and machine learning. SUMMING UP Have recent advances in technology such as artificial intelligence ushered in (finally) the "new economy?" Pages: 441-460. This study of the economic performance of nontech firms adopting new digital technologies finds a persistent future increase in valuation. Register a free Taylor & Francis Online account today to boost your research and gain these benefits: Register to receive personalised research and resources by email, The communicative power of knowledge visualizations in mobilizing information and communication technology research, Rethinking positive and negative impacts of ‘ICT for development’ through the holistic lens of the sustainable development goals, Displaced and dismayed: how ICTs are helping refugees and migrants, and how we can do better, ICTD Research in Latin America: literature review, scholar feedback, and recommendations, Voices of youth in reconceptualising and repositioning the role of mobile learning for sustainable development, An analysis of the key role of human and technological development in the smart specialization of smart European regions, An e-government framework for assessing readiness for public sector e-procurement in a lower-middle income country, Evaluating mobile app usage by service sector micro and small enterprises in Nigeria: an abductive approach, Does information and communications technology affect economic growth? Open for comment; 0 Comment(s) posted. This study quantifies how data center managers make a trade-off between the setup and operational costs of running a facility and capturing local demand. impart. The Journal of Information Technology (JIT) is a top-ranked journal in its field, focused on new research addressing technology and the management of IT - including strategy, change, infrastructure, human resources, sourcing, system development and implementation, communications, technology developments, technology futures, national policies and standards, as well as articles that advance understanding and application of research … SUMMING UP. Search. Given the relentless pace of technology, can any company guarantee the privacy and security of its users? The Journal of Information Technology Education: Research (JITE: Research) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles on the use of information technology in education.. Open for comment; Comment(s) posted. Research on the effects of information technology on economic, social and human development including ethics, digital innovation and medical informatics. 5 Howick Place | London | SW1P 1WG. 3099067 By "decoupling" activities that consumers value from the ones they don't, enterprising digital startups are wreaking havoc on established firms. To learn about our use of cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy. Open for comment; Comment(s) posted. Companies Love Big Data But Lack the Strategy To Use It Effectively, The Spectacular Fall and Fix of It is filled with thousands of information about technology research paper. Volume 33 March - December 2018. Open for comment; Comment(s) posted. Search within journal. Technology. Please have a look at our journal list. Open for comment; Comment(s) posted. CEOs are usually more comfortable making key hires on the business side of the house than the technology side. Open for comment; 8 Comment(s) posted. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, Volume 52, Issue 4 (2020) Articles . Not so fast, answer James Heskett's readers. Volumes and issues. Article. SUMMING UP Jim Heskett's readers discuss the fate of tech companies that continue to stuff their products with unwanted bells and whistles. Next up: How does artificial intelligence change business and management? The subjects you have written about are just phenomenon. We use cookies to improve your website experience. Are Technology Companies Ripe for Disruption? Wage growth in IT jobs has moderated following the dot-com boom, according to new research by Ruiqing Sam Cao and Shane Greenstein. But which will do the most good for society and yield the best business results? Open for comment; Comment(s) posted. Open for comment; 11 Comment(s) posted. Published online: 07 May 2020. The EJC covers a wide range of disciplines and contains just published scientific research as well as historical journal articles. Looking for other Springer journals? Overview. It is a source for emerging ideas which broadens the understanding of information technology and its relation to people. Understanding cloud technology was the No. Is Apple’s Real Privacy Challenge Technology Innovation Itself? Jim Heskett’s readers are divided on whether we are seeing productivity dividends from the latest round of technological innovation. Open for comment; Comment(s) posted. A study of 3 million people confirms what many work-from-home employees already know: We're swamped. Cities are increasingly rich in citizen-created data, which can be used to improve programs and services, says Michael Luca and his research colleagues. By closing this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. As companies adopt artificial intelligence to increase efficiency, are their employees skilled enough to use those technologies effectively? Does more activity in open source software development lead to increased entrepreneurial activity and, if so, how much, and in what direction? CiteScore: 7.6 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 7.6 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. Harvard Business School faculty share insights that they teach to executives. SUMMING UP: Facebook doesn't necessarily need a better data-privacy policy, James Heskett's readers suggest. Research by Raffaella Sadun, Jeffrey Polzer, and colleagues.

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