[Name of the institution] It will create a great opportunity for business development! Inbound Tourism. Nigeria merely covers 910, 768 square kilometers of land and approximately 13,000 square kilometers of water, making it the 32nd largest nation in the world. 2.5 Tourism as a means of employment generation. Cultural sensitivity is not only our watchword, but our bottom line. The unemployment rate in the country is very high and tourism can provide job positions for guides, restaurants, coach services and hotel staff. Results obtained from а questionnaire survey оf 376 tourists randomly sampled from seven tourism destinations іn Nigeria show that thе most prominent motivations fоr tourist destination choice are self-actualization іn an appreciative, educational or cultural, CHAPTER FOUR This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Therefore, it is necessary to develop this category of tourism. When tourists come to the local communities, the speed of infrastructural development increases. This country became an independent state around the 1960s. CONCEPT OF TOURISM The people of Nigeria are what make the country stand out from others. Tourism involves traveling for business and pleasure! Abstract Let us take a look at the top 7 advantages of tourism for the economy! International Business is a business where all the activities pass through the other country’s borderline. Traveling has always been a fantastic opportunity for people to discover new worlds. It is especially good for the production of local goods as tourists like to buy local souvenirs. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND OF TOURISM Travel and Tourism Table 1 below is centred on the form or type of SMEs they operate: Let us check out the top 7 advantages of tourism in Nigeria! Some countries even go the extra mile to develop their entire environment and create tourist attractions. The importance of the tourism industry extends to social advantages as well. Rest assured, the difference between profit and bankruptcy in our business is the ability to sell in that person's culture. 1. Moreover, local cultures can also be promoted by tourism; for instance, tourists can pay to watch local dances and buy local souvenirs, etc. It can also provide additional revenue to the local budgets. Nigeria is located on the continent of Africa. 2.3.1 Tourism and physical development. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimated revenue related to tourism and travel in Nigeria will exceed $1 billion USD in 2007, and will account for approximately 6% of the gross domestic product. Partnership 4 12.5, decisions as well. People like to feel important and an acknowledgement of their importance is not just being nice. Tourism in Nigeria centers largely on events, due to the country's ample amount of ethnic groups, but also includes rain forests, savannah, waterfalls, and other natural attractions. This is the most familiar category of tourism which you can find. 2.2 The reason why economic impact is chosen It is also good business sense. This is one of the most important advantages of tourism for Nigeria. The analytical capability of GIS has been explored in this work in an attempt to enhance the distribution of primary health care services in Enugu State Southeast Nigeria. The Unique People of Nigeria Some of you may feel as though you are back in college. 2040 Words 9 Pages. More tourists means more funds that will provide new roads, parks and public social amenities for the locals. Nigeria has a diverse, unique, and lively culture. [Name of the writer] Nigeria shares land borders with four other countries, Chad, Niger, Benin, and Cameron (Physical Geography, n.d.). importance of tourism Tourism is vital for many, many countries, some of these countries include: ... Nigeria is benefiting from medical tourism to India. Almost half of Nigerian tourists are citizens of the country that travel all around the states. In a relation with an advance or a certain power with all, Wildlife Tourism Or, conversely, they may wish to be much more involved in some form of touching with the animals, or this even may involve the capturing or killing of animals (consumptive wildlife). 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Tourism, as an industry has emerged as an instrument for employment generation, poverty alleviation and sustainable human development. It will create a great opportunity for business development! You can find a lot of interesting types of tourism in the world. Additional dollars from tourists may work as an insurance policy for the local governments. Tourists want to experience the “real” side of a country, and that allows locals to showcase their traditions and keep them alive in … This portfolio will first of all be discussing the topic wildlife tourism, which can be enjoyable for tourists. Nigeria merely covers 910, 768 square kilometers of land and approximately 13,000 square kilometers of water, making it the 32nd largest nation in the world. This definition includes international trade and manufacturing abroad, industry’s service in a field like transportation, tourism, banking, advertisement, construction, retail trade, big trade and mass communication.

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