Spread the love. Surveying is used in preparing a topographical map. To prepare the topographical map which shows hills, rivers, forests, valleys, etc. The applications of surveying explained in following points. Surveyors are an enigma to many people, but they are commonly seen all over the country. It creates the legal geographical boundaries and offers data for computer databases. The objectives of surveying may very depending on the type of project. Surveying is the means of determining the relative position of points and the relative distances. The planning and design of all Civil Engineering projects such as construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, dams etc are based upon surveying measurements. In civil engineering, surveying is an important discipline that is associated with many facilities, including roads, railways, residential areas, bridges, and dams. Also Read:Digital Survey: 3D Laser Scanning. Importance of Land surveying. Surveying helps us in preparing of Topographical maps, which illustrate natural and human-made features. According to Renishaw plc, laser scanning is not only used in land surveying but is being adopted in more and more industries, since it gives detailed, accurate data, very quickly, and with fewer manpower requirements, saving companies costs. It is very important in the field of Civil Engineering.We can find uses of surveying in all civil engineering projects. Importance of surveying in Civil Engineering: The knowledge of surveying is valuable for all fields of Engineering, but it has significant importance in Civil Engineering. Why surveying is important or Used. It’s likely you’ve seen them while driving through your hometown, out on vacation, or when headed to work. June 18, 2020 May 24, 2020 by Suraj Dilip Nikam. It is also used in preparing engineering maps which shows the details of engineering works such as road’s, railways, etc Surveying in Civil Engineering – Important points 2020. To prepare the engineering map showing engineering details like highways, railways, canals, dams, reservoirs, etc. The Importance of Land Surveyors in Civil Engineering. Surveying, a means of making relatively large-scale, accurate measurements of the Earth’s surfaces.It includes the determination of the measurement data, the reduction and interpretation of the data to usable form, and, conversely, the establishment of relative position and size according to given measurement requirements. Surveying in civil engineering, the first step of beginning a new civil engineering project, It is a very essential department of civil engineering. which represents hills, valleys, villages, town’s forest, etc.

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