0000001861 00000 n be left in gear (when it is safe to do so). �=���w� ���O��s�C�W��Lmj���k��n�����EpF[-,v� ��,5,j�v����ȣ�!mS�+� � Ŋ��++*V(VT�R��X�XU�J��b�bU�*Ū�U�U��*V)V��T�U����_�W�+�*ſ�!U�U����_�W��&���o��� ���o�7�M������7��&���o��� ���o�7�M������7�;�.������������w�]������w�;�.������������w�뿦���,*.����y4}_�쿝N�e˺TZ�+Z��﫩ח��|����` T�� endstream endobj 259 0 obj <> endobj 260 0 obj <> endobj 261 0 obj <> endobj 262 0 obj <> endobj 263 0 obj <>stream Workplace transport safety – an overview, Workplace transport safety - An employer's guide (HSG136), Temporary workplaces and unprepared roadways, Site-based ways to stop vehicles from moving, Voluntary accreditation schemes for lift-truck training, Repairs to fork arms of fork-lift trucks, Management and supervision of workplace transport risk. 0000135308 00000 n 0000023414 00000 n As far as possible, keep parked vehicles out of the flow of traffic and people. 0000022674 00000 n 0000004793 00000 n Where do they go? How can we minimise the need for manoeuvringand reversing? 0000012059 00000 n ��V�D>e_TSr����w#~�8�A��zD�T��H&Th̘�p���L�DH�C�/���?�$`����A4h�&hc��$��k���G䆄Mg�$TI/���F,��R蠆K�B��g������L���2��%�Ɩ��8�n���4�-jTs,�W��:�u�� )���,Q���v�H./՝q�2'>� [c��I�l%V빌%�qj1�[���U ��\��Q��X6b4X�f. H�d��N#G��=O���b��usK���\�`�f�2̂��O���J�>nw7���hS����ާ��N/���}z|:N��˷�~��,_��Wf;���g�������������������rus3]�~~����1��/_�OW׿�����u���r�i��������ߧ�t{;���~~x���y����>�ί?�|>�c�?>^�i�>7`�/����a���_������v���۫�x���f��/���Nڟ���9�!o�l���������f��o��f��o��f��o��f�o��l��l�FyK�*[�Uvd���^9��r$G�y��(W��l���� ����������[�V~���o�[�-~+��o���������[�V~���o�[�-~+��o�w�������w�;�N~�����;�~'����w�������w�;�N~�����;�~'��������������{�^~�����{�=~/��������������{�^~�����{�=~/��������?������.w����͂��54jh�,�,�Y�YP�@��f�fA�͂��54jh�,�,�Y�YT�H��f�fQ�L������?��G�Q��?��G�#�(������?ʿ害۬9i���o�lt���7�ݱ]��y��yȺ�H�uح�mY�����]d���:��v�ڭ~�N����o�.��?o����Z���9[�:���3��X�F�ь��=������o���W���׵�/����I:gb~��M�O�9�dK�O��$�'�:'�'i~�����$]���$��4?��Y�! 0000008210 00000 n These should also be firm, level, well lit and clearly marked. Keep people and vehicles apart in and around parking areas by using pedestrian and vehicle exclusion areas. 0000048393 00000 n Physical precautions such as bollards and barriers can help to prevent vehicles from crossing into walking areas and improve safety for pedestrians. 0000012726 00000 n � 5. Try and lay out parking areas to reduce manoeuvring and reversing for large vehicles. How will we segregatepedestrians from traffic in the parking areas? 0000026634 00000 n 0000135110 00000 n parking for larger vehicles in the Freight Transport Association guide. 0000001714 00000 n 0000010043 00000 n 0000072519 00000 n 0000024068 00000 n 0000149200 00000 n %PDF-1.5 %���� 0000072362 00000 n 0000024667 00000 n ���I�'�?i�3�,Ɵ������?���g�Y��?˟�g�3�,Ɵ������?���g�Y��?˟�g��"�_�/������/��E������0��|����P��X�XQ�B��b�bE� 0000006151 00000 n If parking is a significant problem, a full survey of parking demand and availability might be appropriate. 0000061822 00000 n 0000023275 00000 n 0000014047 00000 n Always try to avoid the need for reversing, and also think about how articulated and other large vehicles will be able to use the space safely. 0000015892 00000 n 0000051042 00000 n By law, employers and self-employed people must: 1. assess the risks to anyone who might be affected by their work activity; 2. take appropriate preventive and protective steps to control these risks. 0000072432 00000 n When drivers enter a controlled parking area, you need to tell them clearly: Where parking is controlled throughout the site, give this information at the site entrance. Where possible, you should provide parking areasfor all vehicles using the workplace – work-related vehicles private car… 0000134828 00000 n 0000019058 00000 n 6. Risk Assessment for Car Park and Grounds Page 2 of 2 Hazard: Slips trips and falls. Beta This is a new way of showing guidance - your feedback will help us improve it. be as close as possible to where people need to go when they leave their vehicles (for example, refreshment facilities for visiting drivers). 8. If possible, drivers leaving parked vehicles should not have to cross potentially dangerous work areas or traffic routes. 0000004830 00000 n Ŋ��++*V(VT�R��X�XU�J��b�bU�*Ū�U�U��*V)V��T�U����_�W�+�*ſ�!U�U����_�W��&���o��� ���o�7�M������7��&���o��� ���o�7�M������7�;�.������������w�]������w�;�.������������w�뿦���,*.����y4}_�쿝N�e˺TZ�+Z��﫩ח��|����` T�� endstream endobj 264 0 obj <>stream How will we enforcesafe parking? &���� 0000147359 00000 n 0000135610 00000 n 0000150521 00000 n An alternative to parking 'lots' might be bays or lay-bys, offset from the flow of traffic and people, where vehicles can be left safely. that they may only park in allowed places; and. ���I�'�?i�3�,Ɵ������?���g�Y��?˟�g�3�,Ɵ������?���g�Y��?˟�g��"�_�/������/��E������0��|����P��X�XQ�B��b�bE� forcing pedestrians on to vehicle routes. m���Z���3�.�� A>]%� I@�����F �]���-&�֕u�\���> ��93��Q#�w��� w#�cvg�4:�:���Ĩc��Izt��b��H�s/�%�4QMq:����8�wg 0000135281 00000 n be parked facing up or down the slope, never sideways on.

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