While the dynamic mic is the regular and most common type, the condenser mic is seen as a better product if you are looking to engage in professional recording, as it is more sensitive and provides better sound quality. Also, if you have a condenser microphone then it won’t be possible to connect it directly to a computer, as it won’t work without 48volt Phantom power. DISDIM PC Microphone, 3.5mm Jack Condenser Recording Microphone with Mic Stand for PC, Laptop, iPh0ne, iP@d, Mac, Smartphone - Gaming, Singing, YouTube, Skype (Black) Brand: DISDIM. Both of these aren't expensive and provide a number of different recording options that may be of huge benefit. Making sure you have the right equipment is a necessary part of getting set up. The condenser microphone is a transducer, just like any other microphone, meaning it transforms one type of energy into another. There are plenty of simple and cheap mixers available made specifically for this purpose. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc or its affiliates. Finally, you’ll need to get some decent recording software. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. A condenser microphone is a type of microphone that is higher quality and requires audio from an additional power source. This will ensure that it only picks up sounds from the front, as opposed to also picking up audio from the back and sides. If either of them has any provided software, you should also be sure to install it. How to Use a Condenser Microphone Ensure that your microphone software has been properly installed on your computer. How To Connect a Microphone to a Laptop 1. A condenser microphone is able to obtain extended frequency ranges, as well as keep flat frequency responses which is a huge advantage if you are engaged in long recording sessions. Although phantom power originally described an external device that’s able to tap into its own power supply and provide electrical power (in this case, phantom power) to a condenser mic, plugging a pair of unpowered computer speakers or another device into the USB port of your laptop or desktop and drawing the standard 5V and up to 0.5A of electrical power from your computer can be … Whether you’re recording soaring vocals or instrumentals, making your own sound effects, or producing a podcast, condenser microphones are the way to go for getting the best-sounding recordings. Follow the instructions provided with... Set your microphone close to your computer. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognizing you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Leaving it on when plugging in or out will create a loud popping sound which can damage or even break your equipment, If your microphone has a pattern switch, set it to cardioid. Connect a USB microphone to a computer. You don’t want to have gone to all the trouble getting everything sorted just to blow your mic at the last minute. In fact, the computer recognizes the mic as a generic USB audio interface. The condenser mic is also a bit more complex than the dynamic mic which is why it is almost double the price of the . Connecting a Condenser Microphone to a Laptop As we mentioned above, connecting a condenser microphone is a more complicated process, but it still is not anything that you can’t do on your own. Many world known artists have used it for singing. If you're recording on the go with your laptop, a portable audio interface might be what you're after. USB microphones are pretty much the same as normal condenser microphones, except you don’t need an audio interface to use them. You can go ahead and plug it in the headphone jack and change the sound settings. Buying a mixer shouldn’t intimidate you as there are affordable models that provide excellent quality. Once you have done that you should connect the condenser mic to the mixer, and the mixer to the sound card. You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left-hand side. Still, you have to understand that the competition is quite fierce and making your way to the top may not be the easiest thing to do. Place your mic between 4 and 16 inches (10 to 41 centimeters) away from what you want to record, and make sure that it is facing in the right direction. Once you have connected it, find a program such as Sound Recorder and test the quality. Just be sure that you’re using the right cables and, seriously — turn off the power. There are single-channel analog-to-digital converters like the X2u connecting an XLR mic to the computer's USB port. Lastly, a proper condenser mic will last you for quite a few years with proper use and maintenance, and is a great long-term investment. It will usually be labeled as P48 or 48V. If your laptop has a mic port, it is either a USB or a 1/8” jack input that is the same thing as a regular headphone jack. There are a number of reasons why investing in a condenser mic is a great move if you are interested in a professional recording or performing career. One of the most important equipment items is the microphone. One of the most common questions about a condenser microphone is how to connect it to a laptop. First, you will need to get an adequate mixer; while not all laptops require this, it is the best way to ensure high sound quality and keep your condenser running as it provides phantom power. Search for trial versions of good recording software options – our recommendation is to get Cakewalk or Audacity. If your amp only has quarter-inch audio jacks on it, rather than an XLR port, then it supplies bias power and not phantom power. Microphone Basics is supported by readers. Details: You Save: £4.50 (25%) Voucher. August 22, 2019 By Barking Drum Leave a Comment. Without further ado, let’s look at a few methods on how to connect a condenser microphone to a laptop for recording. The exact steps will vary somewhat depending on which microphone you have. That means, whilst this mic is still pretty expensive, it will still save you a lot of money. If it does have an XLR connector and phantom power, then it’s as simple as hooking up your mic to the amp using a male-to-female XLR cable. Best Drum Set Reviews for 2019 – Under $1000, TOP 3 Best Drum Set for The Money & Affordable Drum Kit Reviews, Coolest, Baddest Marching Snares on the Planet 2020, How to Connect a Condenser Mic to a Computer, How to Connect a Condenser Mic to a Combo Amp, Big, Beautiful Bass Drums for the Marching Arts 2020, Always make sure that the phantom power switch, button, or software setting has been switched off before you connect or disconnect your microphone. And if the mixer supports phantom power, you can also use condenser microphones. Condenser microphones require external power for their internal electronics. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Just about any microphone input, these days, is equipped with phantom power. A condenser microphone doesn’t have to exceed your budget, and with proper research, you will be able to get a good one for an affordable price. The use of a windscreen or "pop" filter is highly recommended, and is used by professionals. Most condenser mics, or at least the higher-end mics, don’t have one though, and if it doesn’t, you’ll need to get a mixer that can provide phantom power to the mic. I've also found this "Headset Splitter", but it has specified that it won't work for a condenser microphone, and I don't know what terms to use to look up something that would work. While the process is not as simple as with a basic mic, it is nothing complicated and with the right equipment, you will do it in a matter of a few minutes. When you buy with our links, we may earn a commission. Otherwise, similar to connecting it to a computer, you’ll have to look into getting a preamp that provides both, or a condenser mic that has an onboard battery supply and a quarter-inch RCA audio jack connection. Simply plug the microphone into the unit and then use your chosen interface to form a bridge to the PC. That’s because condenser mics require an external power source to operate, and the majority of them require what’s called phantom power.

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