Organizing a family association or organization is a great way to bring people together to accumulate, coordinate, learn, preserve and publicize genealogical and historical information among related family members. Electronic bulletin boards and other online locations where genealogists gather are also good places to advertise your new association. And as if these aren’t enough, there is always the delightful custom of regular family reunions. It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all meetings of the family organization, to preside at all meetings of the executive committees and to exercise general supervision over the family organization. Deciding to start your own family is a difficult decision. Staleness in leadership positions can often destroy a good family organization. Well-planned family reunions are both fun and rewarding. The years move swiftly. Decide where your potential members are most likely to be looking, and advertise there. Once you have your page, be sure to register it with search engines so that it's easy for others to find. A calendar of reunions could be drawn up. This family organization shall be known as the __________ Family Organization. Of course all of these types of projects cost money, so the next question is whether or not to charge dues. This would allow family heads to discuss family organization programs and literature offered by the Church. If no annual meeting is held, dues shall become payable on the date specified by the executive committee. It requires a lot of unselfish sharing on the part of all or most members to make it work," says Reverend John Gray of Greenfield, Ohio, who is part of the teams who runs the National Blue Family Association. One individual who runs a family association is in favor of not imposing any limits in this regard: "That would tend to defeat our purposes. One of the most crucial steps in getting your association off the ground is the ability to attract members quickly. Perhaps this sounds like a daunting task, but you can always start small and work your way up to something bigger. How strong are your methodology skills? What can a family organization do for its members? That sounds like smart thinking! When you first set out to create a family association, there are a few decisions that you need to make up front. So what do we do? The executive committee shall set up committees and make special assignments as necessary in administering the programs of the family organization. But a worthwhile family organization won’t last without planning and work. Many who run family associations do not include the costs of planning family reunions in the dues. … Another decision to make is what exactly will your family association do? Generally, a family association is an organization formed by people who share a common ancestor or surname. But whatever the size, the organization should be more than just an instrument for social contact; it should also be a living service agency for its members. The elections of officers shall be held in connection with every second annual meeting of the family organization. Section IX. He governs his posterity in righteousness and truth. Section VIII. That’s why knowing exactly who your targeted demographic is can make it easier for you to find supporters and members, and then create resources they’re interested in. They join together for a variety of purposes including exchanging genealogical information, sharing current news about family members, having reunions, and promoting family pride. Larger organizations may publish a newsletter. These programs must be approved by the executive committee. Once you've decided to start a family association, you need to let others know that you exist. The genealogist and his assistants shall have the authority to call upon all members of the family for genealogical data and for assistance in performing genealogical research, and they shall engage as many family members as will respond in this effort, supervising their research activities in an efficient manner and counseling and teaching when necessary.

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