Downloads Code How to Read Structural Drawings (Example Reinforcement Drawing) . Means when we placed the first ring the next ring will be 8 inch away from the first ring. The intention of this book is to present all the phases of the detailing procedure therefore, the samples of the steel fixer’s drawings include a number of details. He share his knowledge with us in the form of video. How to Read Concrete Construction Plans By Christina ... if there is conflict between drawings and specifications, the specifications override the ... information. This video was in Hindi/Urdu. Thereafter the bottom reinforcement bars are placed and bound to the stirrups. Reinforcement Detail: The longitudinal bar will be 4 and having a diameter #4 sutar means 12 mm. Estimate the building projects. Here’s a list of guidance on how to read structural drawings primarily: Getting to know the scale of the drawings: To know the scale of the drawings means to understand how large or small certain items are in your structural project. Prepare running and the final construction bill. Read detailed drawings of footings, slab, beam, column, staircase, etc. How TO Read Beams Drawing Plan. Plan and execute the construction projects. You don’t have to be an engineer to be able to read engineering drawings, while learning how to read engineering drawings can be a big advantage for you in your work.. What are engineering drawings used for? The grading plan, foundation plan and basement floor plan contain layout dimensions, location of structural elements and descriptive notes. Check and inspect reinforcement at the site. In this video he explain very well. Reading Beam construction drawing plane is very simple just need your little concentration. When w see the rings drawing means ties drawing the ties bars diameter will be #3 sutar means 10 mm and having a 8-inch center to center spacing. First the top most reinforcement bars are hung over the beam formwork and then the stirrups are placed and bound at correct positions. Prepare bar bending schedules. After that the rest of the reinforcement bars and tension bars are inserted into the cage according to structural drawings. The steel fixer’s drawings are rather complex and include a wide variety of details. RTA Structural Drafting Steel Reinforcement Detailing and Detailing Manual OTB005 Issue 1 – Revision 2 (05 March 2010) Page 3 of 3 The lap splice length of bars in tension shall be not less than the development length, Lsy.t, specified in Clause 23.3.2 above. Details Language English Duration 12 Mins Format .MP4 Size 45 Mb . However, these details are only a part of the details that should normally accompany the drawings.

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