Is there a certain guitar tab you have in mind, or are you asking for a general concept of this fret on guitar equals that fret on a dulcimer? In most cases, the instrument is strong with the melody string on the side facing the player, whilst the bass string is situated on the side facing away from the player. I am making them available for individuals and for dulcimer … You may have an easier time reading a fingerpicking tab if you know which chords and frets are involved ahead of time. Basic Chords on the Mountain Dulcimer ... To be able to read the music, however I transposed it to the key of D. Believe it or not, this worked. Guitar tab is usually lead parts, not chords. BEG" Beginner - for those of you just starting out with the dulcimer. Read More. Merry melodies! Looking for more? I need to sit down and re-read this to soak in all the information. The lead may be melody, but more often is an improvised solo part. A – Dulcimer Tabs / Dulcimer Sheet Music / Dulcimer Music / Dulcimer Songs. We’ve compiled a list of free dulcimer Celtic tabs and celtic dulcimer sheet music. Read More. Let us know if we’re missing a Celtic dulcimer tab you’d like! Please do not sell or mass distribute these tabs either in print or over the Internet. Paul Certo @paul-certo 8 years ago 243 posts . Check out the 70-song Dulcimer Songbook. These techniques should help you get to that point more quickly than simply memorizing chord fingerings. If you plan to share any of these tabs for a workshop at a dulcimer club meeting or event, please email us to request permission to reproduce in quantity. As you gain familiarity with your dulcimer, you eventually are able to remember the fretboard map and the chords on your own. Free Dulcimer Hymns Sheet Music/Tabs/Songs . Abide With Me dulcimer tab – Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4, Version 5 Amazing Grace dulcimer tab: Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4, Version 5, Version 6 Angels from the Realms of Glory dulcimer tab: Version 1 You are not permitted to print and distribute copies of these tabs for any monetary amount. Each tablature below is also rated as to the level of difficulty. " Free Tablature Downloads from Joe Collins. Strumming and Chords – (how to play a dulcimer pt. All dulcimer tabs . A compilation of as many of the free dulcimer tabs and free dulcimer sheet music we could find on the Internet. 3) For starters, notice how your dulcimer is stringed. Each month, a new set of two or more high quality dulcimer tabs will be available on this page. For instance, if the tab tells you to play the A string on the third fret and the G string on the first fret while keeping the high-E and B strings open, then you’re playing a C chord.

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