Take all these aspects into account when you decide which company to purchase from. Some employees risk exposure to fire-related hazards on a daily basis. We wanted to send you a thank you for the great job. All Rights Reserved. OSHA’s FR clothing requirements then go on to prohibit clothing made of rayon, nylon, polyester or acetate, unless the employer can prove they have been appropriately treated to withstand the conditions the employee may encounter during their work. When worn properly, it also helps reduce the number of worker injuries that occur. For example, they will tell you if you need primary or secondary protection. FR clothing’s lifespan may be affected by multiple different factors, such as the manufacturer, the quality of the garment and the type of fabric used, as well as how often you wear the garment and how much wear and tear it experiences. When worn properly, it also helps reduce the number of worker injuries that occur. By the time we’re finished here, you’ll be an expert on all things regarding flame-resistant clothing. Making sure workers are equipped with the proper PPE is crucial—especially when it comes to FR clothing. Copyright © 2017 D.E. As it turns out, not really. Craig Adams, Inc. has used D.E. How are the garments supposed to fit? They will be able to complete the repairs with the proper material so that garment remains ready and able to protect you while you work. Get them involved in your buying decision. They’re also comfortable and durable. With fire-resistant clothing, the promise is not that the garments will never catch fire. For all your flame-resistant clothing needs, browse our full selection today. That’s why we provide high-quality safety gear, including, but not limited to, flame-resistant clothing. My ears still feel the pain. Flame-Resistant? It’s your job as the safety manager to provide employees with personal protective equipment. Let’s break that into smaller sections as we talk about the specific ways you can clean and care for your fire-resistant clothing. What Should I Wear Under My Flame-Resistant Clothing? When it comes to FR pants, you’ve got plenty of options. Correctly repairing FR clothing requires flame-resistant materials. All this goes to prove even if it weren’t for OSHA regulations, most companies would much rather outfit their employees correctly than be forced to deal with accidents or injuries onsite. If it seems like there’s no need for the rules, that’s for the best. 17 Summer Safety Tips for Construction: Keep Your Team Safe in the Heat, 8 Winter and Cold Weather Safety Tips for Construction Workers. Get Started. They’re made with fibers that are naturally stronger. You can feel free to clean these garments at home in your ordinary washer and dryer, using your choice of laundry soap. They feature a relaxed fit, so they can be comfortably worn all day. The fire will be more likely to remain contained, and the worker will be more likely to escape unharmed. Not all fire-resistant clothing is made from the same fabrics. The first is that by doing this, you’re essentially adding a second layer of FR protection. Because of this and because of the slightly loose-fitting nature of these garments, many FR clothing designs are gender-neutral. Even when cared for properly, FR clothing will not last forever. Every manufacturer will likely have a different selection of fabrics and styles. Want to learn more about the fire related risks oil workers face everyday? Check out our blog, "Fire Prevention for the Oil and Gas Industry. Some FR jeans are treated with a flame-resistant chemical. As a safety manager, you’ve probably had to purchase FR clothing for your employees. The clothing has been stained with a flammable substance that can’t be removed through cleaning. They protect workers from fire-related hazards and electrical arc flash hazards. You could hire a cleaning service to wash and maintain employee clothing. Even if your first layer of outerwear gets damaged or burned, you will still have a second layer to protect you. But, most employers end up purchasing FR jeans. One additional thing to be aware of is the manufacturer you choose to buy from. You should feel confident in washing your FR garments as often as they need it. They’ll appreciate you taking their opinions into consideration. There are a lot of nuances and requirements when it comes to FR clothing. Don’t wait. FR Clothing, Email: info@rmiwyoming.com Our selection of flame-resistant clothing includes shirts, pants, overalls and outerwear such as coats and jackets.

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