8. Posted in Beauty and Style. How to get curly hair naturally permanently 1) curly hair with velcro rollers. Shares. What you will need. This is one of the great alternatives to get wavy hair naturally permanently, if you don’t want to damage your hair by using heating methods. You will need curling Velcro and you can buy it on Amazon. Shampoo your hair and squeeze the excess water out with a towel. In this method, you need some tissue paper to get natural springy curls. Before ending up as a professional hair care expert and beautician, I was quite obsessed with the hair and skincare of myself. However, In this article, I am going to tell you plenty of tricks & tips that you could use to make your straight hair wavy naturally and permanently without going to a salon or using a perm. Use a tissue paper and fold it. 8. Many of us dream to have beautiful curly hair but if you were born with straight hair, then it is really very challenging to get permanent curly hair naturally at home. Try any of these tips to get curly hair naturally permanently without any doubt. The first method we have chosen is curling your hair with the velcro rollers. SARA PEARSON. Shares. Hi, Sara here. / Spread the love. This is one of the cheapest methods, it is easily affordable by anyone.

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