As a result, they lack the one thing that really can help to … ‘Why can’t I get Band 7 in speaking?’ There are a lot of IELTS students out there stuck on a Band 5 or Band 6 in the speaking section and are frustrated. Make sure the practice speaking materials you use follow the format and include the topics that are likely to be in the real test. This video tells you how to get a Band 7 in the Speaking Test. Some people get the wrong advice, poor feedback or are promised a high score by their teacher just to keep them happy. IELTS Speaking tests are conducted by trained and certified IELTS examiners. Your ability to get a Band 7 depends on very specific reasons related to grammar, vocabulary, coherence and cohesion or other exact areas that need improvement. The examiner awards band scores for your spoken English-language skills. Some people lose their confidence after several failed attempts to reach 7.0 in Speaking. To get a Band 7 in the IELTS Speaking Test, there are some specific things you must do. (05) Use authentic IELTS speaking exams As with all skills in the IELTS exam it is important that you practice using real IELTS test questions. This is the most common question among the students preparing for IELTS speaking. Many of you are near to giving up on hitting a Band 7. Watch this video to find out what to do! The Speaking test will take place in a face-to-face interview with a qualified IELTS examiner in a quiet room. Also download the IELTS Speaking assessment criteria. The IELTS Speaking test assesses your ability to communicate in English. Why is it so difficult to get a Band 7 score in IELTS Speaking, even when your IELTS Listening and Reading scores are higher?

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