Brad Schoenfeld, a PhD exercise physiologist with a specialty in mechanisms of muscle growth explained, “The difference between chronically high hormonal levels and a hormonal spike is the difference between apples and oranges: You just can’t compare the two.”. This is why today, hormone spikes are not used as the only way to tell whether a workout was effective or to choose every training parameter, including workout length. Jul 2012; 112(7): 2693-2702. For regular folks, the prescription was no more than 45 minutes to an hour because that corresponds with the rise and fall of certain hormones. The Max Muscle Plan, Schoenfeld, Brad, Human Kinetics, 2013. What if you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time? I can’t emphasize this point enough: The length of your workout doesn’t always reflect on the quality or intensity of the workout. Your split routine: Are you training your entire body, half your body, or just a body part or two in a single workout? Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. How long should your weight lifting workouts take? If you want to build your body bigger and stronger, you need to fuel it properly. When you’re lifting for 90 minutes and you’re loving it and the results are fantastic, it would be foolish to cut back just because you read somewhere that 60 minutes is the “right” workout length. Am I going too slow or resting too much between sets? For example, when you’re taking long rest intervals between sets, as you would for strength-focused training, then your energy reserves will stretch out much longer than an hour and you’ll still be feeling strong. You only have so much gas in the tank. 45 minutes (that’s a common “rule” you hear). You could boast about doing a whole hour of “training” and assume that’s got to be enough to get you ripped. The first sentence of the first chapter on weight training said, “You’ll be doing at least a one-hour workout in the beginning and eventually a two hour workout.” Having read that early Arnold autobiography as well as his Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, I knew that he trained even more than that – sometimes three or four hours a day in his Mr. Olympia heyday, often split up in to two daily workouts. how long should you workout to build muscle. In both bodybuilding and in the weight loss market, hormone-based diets and workouts sell particularly well because they sound so sexy and sophisticated. 4. Good question! So we're here to give you the answers you seek. 5. Not coincidentally, the point of energy depletion from intense weight lifting is often felt right around that one hour mark, but it’s different for everyone and depends a lot on the type of workout and the training parameters, especially the rest intervals. In fact, very long workouts often reflect a lower intensity or quality because intensity and duration are inversely related. What made you choose that duration? How a 43-Year-Old Mom Burned 30 Pounds of Fat In 98 Days, The Ultimate Home Gym For Maximum Muscle… It’s Not What Most People Think, Do Keto Diets Work? Were they training for too long, wasting time in the gym, or were they not training long enough, and missing out on added benefits if they would train longer? After a year, that number jumps to twelve to twenty-four pounds. I know serious bodybuilders and athletes who would train 2, 3 or 4 hours a day if they knew that would produce the best results. Similarly, an essay published by The University of Washington detailed how the first 3 to 6 months of strict-form training was the most effective period. – Tom Venuto, author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, Scientific References: When it comes to bodybuilding training, less is often more. Just because you have two high-intensity days … Not necessarily. Of course not. It’s a place where I can get away from the world. An hour? In Uncategorized; Leave a comment; Rest 60-120 seconds between rounds. Which explains why it's more of an uphill slog for experienced lifters to build muscle. I realize I’m leaving you with another “it depends” answer, but that’s the whole point. As the years rolled on and the art and science of bodybuilding advanced, you started hearing messages from the experts that the pros could “get away with” training for hours only because of their superior genetics and use of steroids and other drugs, which enhance performance and recovery.

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