© 2020 ARCAT, Inc. All rights reserved. In addition to making the heavy timber construction process go more smoothly – and making your building look better – UFAD systems offers a range of benefits over traditional HVAC systems, including: With a UFAD system, you can have all the benefits of a heavy timber building without worrying about where to put the HVAC system. But the appeal of heavy timber buildings are more than just aesthetic. Heavy timber buildings come with many added benefits, both structural and aesthetic – but they also come with a few challenges that designers and architects need to overcome. We’ve installed hundreds of UFAD projects over the past 15 years and will ensure that your next heavy timber building project goes smoothly. Free Architectural CAD drawings and blocks for download in dwg or pdf Once the construction of your heavy timber building is complete, all you need to do is build a raised access floor to fit the UFAD ducts and diffusers. There’s not much space for mechanical, electrical, or plumbing (MEP) services in the building. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Your entire HVAC system can be completely hidden without ruining the building’s aesthetic appeal or open floor plan – no need to have unsightly HVAC ducts exposed in plain view. Heavy timber structures are much more environmentally friendly, especially if you use local wood. They’re the buildings with massive open spaces and high ceilings sporting beautiful open wooden beams. Use less wood – Although the supports might be larger, timber structures use fewer logs compared to stick-built buildings because they can support more weight with fewer beams. Of course, what most people notice immediately is the unique look it gives a building. Our industry expertise, engineering and design, innovation and client focus is recognized around the world, demonstrated by our ever-expanding international network of industry partners and clients. Cross laminated timber (CLT): Layers of smaller pieces of wood are glued together with the grain alternating 90-degrees between layers. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Mass Timber is Fire Resistant. 06 13 00 - Heavy Timber Construction, 5348-015 - Redwood Dimensional Lumber - 1x2 Lumber, 5348-016 - Redwood Dimensional Lumber - 1x3 Lumber, 5348-017 - Redwood Dimensional Lumber - 1x4 Lumber, 5348-018 - Redwood Dimensional Lumber - 1x6 Lumber, 5348-019 - Redwood Dimensional Lumber - 1x8 Lumber, 5348-020 - Redwood Dimensional Lumber - 1x12 Lumber, 5348-025 - Redwood Dimensional Lumber - 2x12 Lumber, 5348-026 - 1x4 Redwood Fence Picket Dog-Ear, 5348-027 - 1x4 Redwood Fence Picket Flat-Top, 5348-028 - 1x6 Redwood Fence Picket Dog-Ear, 5348-029 - 1x6 Redwood Fence Picket Flat-Top, 5348-030 - 1x8 Redwood Fence Picket Dog-Ear, 5348-031 - 1x8 Redwood Fence Picket Flat-Top, 5348-032 - 1x10 Redwood Fence Picket Dog-Ear, 5348-033 - 1x10 Redwood Fence Picket Flat-Top, 5348-034 - 1x12 Redwood Fence Picket Dog-Ear, 5348-035 - 1x12 Redwood Fence Picket Flat-Top, 5348-037 - 6x8 Redwood Lattice-Top Fence Panel, Green Douglas-Fir Timbers (Rough)   (Humboldt Sawmill), Redwood Decking & Accessories   (Humboldt Sawmill), Redwood Dimensional Lumber   (Humboldt Sawmill). HVAC systems are particularly difficult to install and are among the most important heavy timber construction details builders need to address. These cookies do not store any personal information. HVAC systems are particularly difficult to install and are among the most important heavy timber construction details builders need to address.

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