Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Get your answers by asking now. 2011 Harley-Davidson Sportster SuperLow Review, 2010 Harley-Davidson Photo Gallery and Buyer's Guide, 2008 Harley-Davidson Lineup Gallery and Buyer's Guide, Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo Long Term Update, 2016 Harley-Davidson FXDLS Dyna Low Rider S Review. If you are interested in A Harley go to V Twin MFG and build an old kick start with points you wont regret not having all that rice HP it will change you for life. While accessibility has long been a hallmark of the Sportster model, the Roadster's ergonomics should appeal to sportier riders. It also does not have extra gas in the frame and does not have the oil tank in the gas tank. The Dyna does NOT have the 88B (counterbalanced) engine. The tranny and engine are in one case unlike the big twins. The 2016 Harley-Davidson Roadster Sportster, ridden. The first sportsters had flat head engines I think sportsters came out with over head valves in 1960. Some big twin riders will razz a guy on a XL, but not after following an XL through some twisty roads. Unlike previous Sportsters whose suspension travel measured as little as 1.6 inches, the new Roadster features considerably more movement: 4.5 inches up front, and 3.2 inches at the rear. Favorite Answer A Roadster IS a Sportster, it is a model of the Sportster family. Harley-Davidson. Some of the fastest Harleys around are Sportsters that have been hopped up to 88 cubic inches. Introduced in 1957, the Sportster became a linchpin in the Harley lineup by offering an affordable runabout that allowed a common entry point into the fabled brand. The Offset-Split 5-Spoke wheels measure 19 inches up front and 18 inches at the rear,  Roadster's reduced unsprung weight along with its revised suspension should dramatically improve its ride quality. Take a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 and strip it to the bone. A Sportster is an entry level Harley which come in 883 and 1200 cc models. has anybody ever switched a motorcycles clutch and shifter levers? A Roadster IS a Sportster, it is a model of the Sportster family. Sportster models always carry Harley-Davidson product code beginning with “XL’. Still have questions? By using LiveAbout, you accept our, Introducing the 2016 Harley-Davidson Roadster, the Newest Sportster. A lot of guys will tell you the love thier big twin but miss there sportster that is more fun riding around town. Enter 2016, and the Roadster, Harley's newest Sportster, introduces a modernized take on the familiar model. Rather than equipping it with the Sportster's smaller 883cc engine, the big powerplant suggests the Motor Company wants to attract more experienced, speed hungry riders. You can sign in to vote the answer. Launched with this "Cut Loose" commercial that recalls the simple thrill of riding a bike, the Roadster reinterprets old school Sportsters with revised styling and updated mechanicals. Harley had been producing overhead valve engines since 1947 for the big twins. Not sure what you mean by a roadster. what is the difference between a harley davidson sportster and roadster? The Big Twins tires are fatter and are made for more hwy use. Will Flex Seal add any tread to my motorcycle tire? LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The Dyna has a lower seat height than the XL too, except for the 883L. But that ends with this version. Don't buy a store bought Harley, Build it your self with ordinary skills and tools. Now it's super hard to kick over. Sportsters come in a few different trim configurations, "Roadster" is one of them. Just different handlebars or such, all Sportsters are really the same thing with very small differences. If I recall correctly, a Roadster is a Sportster with a big gas tank, and some other detail differences. The Harley Roadster's ergonomics match its cut-down style. For long distance comfort, or a bike with a lower center of gravity, the FX line is superior to the XL. Seat height is still beginner friendly, with the saddle-to-pavement distance coming in at 30.9 inches, unladen. Just as surely as times change, relative newcomers like the Star Bolt R-Spec and C-Spec come along with viable (and affordable) alternatives to the Motor Company's old guard bike. The main difference was the Roadster had a different styled gas tank with a dash and different bars than the standard Sportster, it was intended to make the Sportster look like a Big Twin HD. Four color combinations are available: Vivid Black with a charcoal denim pinstripe, Black Denim with a red pinstripe, Velocity Red Sunglo with a red pinstripe, and two-tone Billet Silver/Vivid Black with a burgundy pinstripe. Why does the Roadster promise to breathe new life into the Sportster lineup? Countering that power are dual-disc 11.8-inch floating front brake rotors and available ABS. If you keep wondering about what Harleys are you will be fascinated with how they are made and are basickly the same since 1909 they just got bigger and better helped win a couple of world wars with the messengers that rode them in the war zones. A Sportster is definitely not just a "ladies bike" though. His work has appeared in Autoblog, Men's Journal, Robb Report, and Wired. The Harley Davidson Sportster is a line of the motorcycle which has been continuously manufactured as far back as 1957. The Roadster's rear fender is 1.5 inches shorter than earlier bobbed Sportsters. But first and foremost in the battle for a smooth ride is unsprung mass, because nothing makes suspension work hard like a heavy wheel. Don't mistake the Roadster for a featherweight, however: with a curb weight of 568 pounds, she's still got considerable heft to her frame. The Harley-Davidson Sportster's history is long, storied, and unique. HD made a couple Sportster models they called Roadster. His predecessors to Sportster, the Model K Sport and Sports Solo motorcycles, were in 1952 introduced to the market. Harley Made the sportster in 1952 they called the K model sportster which dominated the flat track racing for decades, Evil Kenvil made his jumps on a XR750. I LUV my Harley Heritage. Even the most die-hard Harley-Davidson fan would probably admit that for years the American firm’s Sportsters were anything but sporty. Click 'Next' to find out. Is it possible for a vrla battery to reach 0.2 v? A cruiser, often referred to as a bagger because of the mounted stock storage bags, are heavier, more powerful and are designed for long highway cruising. The Roadster's air-cooled 1,200cc v-twin. I took the cover off my honda crf250r 2004  then adjusted the timing chain. The Sportster has the engine and transmission all in one case the big twins have a separate engine and transmission, although the engine is basically the same. Where do I put my feet on a motorcycle with forward controls. Those bikes had fenders cut to the struts, the small fuel tank, and were stripped to their bare essentials to achieve a singular performance purpose.”. 2014 Star Motorcycles Bolt Review: Can The New Kid on the Block Beat Harley? Built around the concept of a stripped-back Harley-Davidson Sportster, the new Roadster gives off a laid-back super … While accessibility has long been a hallmark of the Sportster model, the Roadster's ergonomics should appeal to sportier riders. The Roadster's cast aluminum wheels were inspired by classic laced designs. The upgrade from the shallow riding suspension means the Roadster should soak up bumps and offer a far more civilized ride. The Roadster's suspension finally enters the 21st century. The slotted belt guard and muffler lend a hat tip to the lightening holes of race bikes, while the fastback seat puts the rider into, not onto, the bike, and keeps him or her in place under hard acceleration. The were made for dirt and board track racing back in the day. While other manufacturer models came and went, the Sportster stuck around because of its enduring style and distinct personality.

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