Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. That's why freedom of religion is so important to a society's governmental framework. Specifically, its true demonstration of social stratification with a concern to the afterlife. However, the advent of agriculture allowed for the development of civilization. You spent a brief time describing its importance with the afterlife, but I would like to spend a little more time with that. It has been a powerful agency in society and performs many important social functions. Folk religions or regional followings of certain gods or groups of gods pre-date civilization (that is, dates back to hunter gatherer times). Throughout the history of the world, religion has always been a large focus. Believers of religion will be charitable with time and money, hoping to relieve some of the burdens a society faces, such as hunger, clothing needs, housing needs and overall spiritual counseling. Religion gives people hope, faith, and belief for a … Even though different societies have different religions or cultures, the importance of religion is felt by everyone, particularly in the ancient world. - Human nobility is the result of education. I wonder how divine kingship came about. But to them, it was completely worth it. Social Structurem ; Cause and affect Egypt Social Structure: Pharaoh (gods)Priest, Government Offcials, Scribes/soldiers, and the craftsmen. However, the idea of divine kingship itself is not the important idea, rather it is the power of religion, and how powerful elites became in ancient civilizations. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Not in the wars that have been fought in its name, not in the tremendous number of daily rituals that are performed, but in the fact that a mere memory of a dead person can produce such a drastic action. This is why, in my opinion ,religion had a … The teachings on these topics encourage believers to avoid negative acts, such as murder and lying, with a framework of consequences in the spiritual world that many believers strive to avoid by maintaining good morals and values. However, for American society and other societies that allow religious freedom, the ability to practice a religion when and where someone likes helps to protect other freedoms, such as speech and expression. This sense of community helps society because it helps its people to have a sense of belonging and to make sense of things when worldly events become dramatic. Religion has been important to past civilizations. King Tut, who was 18 years old and not particularly famous, would have been divine. It has always been fascinating to me to see the importance of religion in culture. The foundation of canon law is found in its earliest texts and their interpretation in the church fathers' writings. Emphasis will be placed on exploring the nature of complex societies and the comparative evolution of early states. Without the religious frameworks that guide these actions, many people may not feel morally obligated to address societal problems, making religion important to society and its people. Only 16% of respondents in 2007 said religion was not too or not at all important to them. If a person can gain both religious and secular authority, they are practically unstoppable. Around the world, religion has dictated so much more than just what temples came and went and who gods were, it tells a great deal about a society. Table of Contents. Religion: Important in the Lives of Ancient People Essay. Societal religions vary throughout the world, with some worshiping one god and others worshiping many. Because of the attacks, there has been a growth of interest in the religion of Islam, as well as the increase in the critique of Islam. Religion gives us a purpose in life; 3. I suppose if a person becomes powerful enough, they eventually are able to coerce enough people into doing what they desire, including worshiping them and their descendants, but the idea seems very strange to me. Religion was a very important subject and was something they used in their everyday lives. Why Is Religion Important? I feel religion is often overlooked when thinking of factors of change or motivators in what drives society. It is clearly important, perhaps even as important as the big ideas such as climate change, or irrigation, and must never be forgotten. Most religions lay out ideals for marriage, including beliefs against divorce and adultery and responsibilities for the man and woman. 1. Families are an integral part of a society, with families being an important part of reproduction, which helps to sustain specific cultures and races within a society. Why is religion important in life, in the society, and in our country? The assumption was that settling down to lives of farming, people built cities, created art and made up organized religions to suit the new needs they faced in the transition from hunter-gathers … Throughout history, it has expressed the deepest questions human beings can ask, and it has taken a central place in the lives of virtually all civilizations and cultures. They are able to build 3 pyramids, stop all opposition, hold an entire kingdom together, and so on. Green, religion has three universal functions. Religion Creates a Sense of Community Some people join a religion in order to feel included in a smaller subsection of a larger society. However if we consider history, we will observe that every high achievement and progress attained by any civilization, or individual, has been the end result of education by a superior, and without the constant influence of education, man would become bestial.

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