You can expect to pay around 149 dollars for a decent, sturdy cage for a smaller parrot like a cockatiel and as much as 2000 dollars for a cage or aviary that will comfortably a home a large bird like a macaw. If you can do this, you will be honored with one of the most amazing housemates you have ever met. The higher priced cages are going to last the longest in general. Each bird costs anywhere from $600 to $1000 dollars. Gender. These are often the first choice for a bird and can run between $15 dollars for the common green birds to $80 dollars for the more exotic colors. Most parrots require a good-quality pellet food, a seed and nut mix and a variety of foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. You can expect to pay between $200 and $900 dollars for each bird. Smaller birds will see you spending around 25 dollars a month for food. Cost isn't always indicative of size. How much does a parrot cost? On a forum thread on , forum members claimed they could find ringnecks ranging anywhere from $50 … 9. From our research, however, the average blue or green Indian ringneck parrot will cost $175 to $300, with females often costing 20 to 30 percent less than a male. Lorikeets Price - Lorikeets are a favorite of those with large aviaries because of their friendly nature and colorful feathers. Many people also pick these birds because they figure a parrot is easy to care for, takes little time and is likely to cost less in the long run than a dog or cat. Large Parakeets Price - Large Parakeets sell anywhere from $80 dollars up to $150 dollars. These are sociable animals that can't simply be put into a cage and given food and water. Rainbow lorikeets can typically be found for $400-$800 while Swainson’s Lories are in the range of $800-$1,200 Swainson’s Lory Rainbow Lorikeet (Green-Naped Lory) Lovebird Parrot Price: $50-$200 These lovely, smaller parrots come in a wide variety of colors and are commonly sold in pairs due to the strong, monogamous bond they form with their mate (hence the name). Next, your bird will need food and water dishes, perches for inside and outside the cage and toys to keep it entertained. They need regular interaction and some have even been known to die if neglected in this area. A larger parrot that is more common will come with a smaller price than a smaller bird that is rarer. There are very friendly, play full and very clever birds full of... . Mini-Macaws Price - Mini-Macaws cost anywhere from $750 to $1000 dollars. All Rights Reserved. 17. They do NOT have feather dust. Because this area is the primary home of your bird, you want it to be comfortable and to also last as long as possible. Small Parrots Prices. The initial cost is listed here. They sell for between $1500 and $3000 dollars. Many times the birds end up having to be re-homed or they end up in rescues because the person can't give the parrot what it needs. This will cost approximately 35 dollars a month. $1,995. Manzoor Colony, Karachi Today. Also be willing to ask about vet visits and be a bit cautious of any seller who isn't willing to be open about where they get their birds treated. Report. This rare bird will cost you between $1500 and $2000 dollars. More expensive accommodations are available, but this is the average cost of a good-sized, well-constructed cage. Some of the more popular members of this family can be bought for as little as $600 dollars. This all works out to a cost of anywhere between 450 and 1200 a year for food and medical needs if you don't opt for pet insurance. View Details. Depending on the size of your bird and how well-equipped you want to be to start out, you can expect to spend anywhere from fifty dollars to 1500 dollars. Rs 12,000 Yellow Factor Green Ringneck Parrot For Sale. Large Conures Price - Large Conures sell for $500 to $700 dollars. Delete all Results Filters. Small Conures Price - Small conures are one of the lesser-priced medium birds with a cost of $200 to $450 dollars.,,, Hawk-Headed Parrots Price - Hawk-Headed Parrots aren't often found as companion birds but those who are destined to become pets cost between $1400 and $2000 dollars each. This article will help you discover the general answer to "How much is a parrot?". Eclectus Price - Eclectus are another parrot that it is difficult to answer how much is a parrot because the price varies widely. Only a few of these are commonly found as companion birds. These people end up being disappointed because they didn't understand the full extent of what it takes to care for a parrot. 19. Baby Green Quaker talking parrots, 3 month old young babies, this is the best age to tame them. Pionus Parrots Price - Pionus Parrots come in a wide variety of choices and this accounts for the wide price range. See Parrots classified ads in Saudia Arabia, new and used products of all types and models, see product images, compare to find the lowest price, buy directly from the seller, or add your free ad to sell and buy your products. 3. ... Price is more than 30% below the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles. - Parakeets are often called budgies. Rs 25,000 Green raw parrot. Small Cockatoos Price - Small cockatoos run between $100 and $2000 dollars, with the young females fetching the highest price. Browse through available talking amazon parrots for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. Poicephalus Price - Poicephalus is one of the hardest parrots to find. Browse through available talking amazon parrots for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. G-7, Islamabad Today. 16. Like their larger cousins, they are popular among those who want a talking bird. Small Parakeets Price 11. Parrotlets Price - Parrotlets are often seen as a "between" bird, not small like a parakeet but not large like other parrots. Here we cover the parrot price of the most common birds. We will discuss the other costs in a minute. This is actually one of the common macaws you can find as well. People are drawn to parrots not only for their beauty and variety but also because it is exciting to have a pet that can be taught to talk in the same language as its caretaker. sturdy cage for a smaller parrot like a cockatiel, Tips for Your Elderly Dog and How to Care for Them, Parakeet Eggs – From Fertilization to Hatching Guide 2020, 5 of the Best Parakeet Names for Your Male/Female Parakeet, Best Parakeet Sleeping Bed Solutions in 2020 – Top 3 Reviewed, Parakeets 101- Must Read to Keep Parakeets as Pet in 2020, Parakeet Lifespan – How Long Do Parakeets Live [2020 Data], Pretty Bird: Parakeet Colors Variation and Food Choice 2020, Parakeet Care – Expert Guide to Keep Your Parakeet Healthy in 2019, 7 INGREDIENTS YOU NEVER WANT TO SEE IN YOUR DOG’S FOOD, Reasons Why You Should Do Routine Vet Visits for Your Dog, Why Dogs Eat Grass And 4 Tips To Prevent It. All Rights Reserved. 1. 14. One of the best things someone can do before they purchase a pet parrot is to sit down and figure out just how much that bird is going to cost - in time and money. Rs 15,000 Green ringneck parrot. - Cockatiels cost between $125 and $200 dollars, with the traditional yellow and green birds with orange cheeks being the least expensive. 99 Every bird, even if given time to fly free within the home requires a cage or aviary that allows it a place to feel safe. To keep your bird healthy, you will need to see that his diet consists of this variety. 18. 8. These cost $200 to $350 dollars. 7. Blue Crown Conure Green Cheek Conure Golden Conure Jenday Conure Nanday Conure Pineapple Conure Sun Conure Eclectus Parrot Price: $800-$2,500 Eclectus parrots are the easiest parrot to tell the gender of due to their extreme dimorphism (males are distinctly green while females are red) and can be found for an average of $1,500. These birds are often sold in pairs, which will see you spending one to four hundred dollars. Bird and Parrot classifieds. You may also want to consider a bird harness if your bird is going to be spending time in a place where an open door or window may be available or it will be spending time outdoors in good weather. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Larger birds can cost ninety dollars a month to feed, depending on where you purchase their food. African Grays Price -  African Grays are the second most popular of the large parrots. Keep in mind that these prices will often depend not only on the size of your parrot but also where you purchase the bird.

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