It was during this time that the Black Plaque took millions of lives and spread, along with disease, a great deal of sadness and financial, emotional and physical loss. Seeing the start of a fire in a time when firefighting was not as advanced as today, Farynor gathered his family and they escaped, with the exception of their maid, who, being too scared to join them in the escape, stayed behind and ironically became the first casualty of the fire (Hanson). Technically, only 4 deaths were officially reported as a result of the fire, but people reported the stench of death throughout the city, giving the impression that the death toll was much higher (Robinson). This simple accident caused one of England’s largest fires and resulted in important changes in fire fighting techniques (“The Great Fire Of London”). By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. By looking at the evidence, this is something that is possible. An important conflict in the novel ‘The Hunger Games’, by Suzanne Collins, is the conflict between the districts and the Capitol. People from all around the world come here to approach higher studies. (2016, Oct 08). He has the motto of “Never leave your partner behind”. The Great Fire of London began in the primordial hours of the morning in the house of King Charles II’s baker on Pudding Lane adjacent to the London Bridge (“Great Fire of…” 1). I’m Natasha and today I would like to share with you guys and to talk a little bit about my favorite movie, and the title of that movie is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The ignorance of the main character in To Build a Fire by Jack London is what ultimately causes his failure. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Essay, 3 pages. A single oven fire from a bakery shop would change the city of London for years to come. and the Great Fire of London Two disasters struck London during the 1660s with the first being an outbreak of bubonic plague, the last and worst of a series that had started in the 1300s. Keene, Derek & Harding, Vanessa. Just as the city was recovering from the Great Plague, the inhabitants had to flee the city once again – this time not as a result of a disease, but the result of as human accident. Samuel Pepys takes the reader on a grand adventure through some of the most important events in, THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON OF 1666 St. Paul’s is the most brilliant building that I’ve heard that it was done by a acclaimed artist in London after it was destroyed, and rebuild again. said several of my grandchildren. Comes Great Responsibility, The Great Depression and The Great Recession, A study of the great epic poem “Beowulf” and its characters as a great hero, Great military leader and king – Alexander The Great, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, Analysis Of White Fang By Jack London English Literature, A Person’s Treatment of Animals in The Call of the Wild by Jack London, Intellect vs. According to The London Gazette of that time, there were some ready suspects: Divers(e) strangers, Dutch and French were apprehended during the fire, upon suspicion that they contributed mischievously to it (London Gazette, September 10, 1666, p. 1). The plague started with an infected rat flea that contained Yersina Pestis bacterium. The introduction to this research stated that the thesis of London actually being improved by the Great Fire would be discussed and proven. This fire grew very quickly and destroyed a lot of the city of London in record time. Retrieved November 17, 2008 from the World Wide Web: http://www. com/~davidco/History/fire1. 4.8 Therefore, it is fair to say that the Great Fire played a large role in the fight against the Black Plaque, and probably saved more lives in this way than it took (Baker). Chicago: Rosen Publishing Group, 2003. With the country also at war with the French and Dutch, paranoid xenophobia – a familiar English trait – was rife (Robinson, p. 1).

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