Grading The thesis receives a grade from two readers who are assigned by the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies. In cases where the instructor requires that all students be graded with a letter grade or a satisfactory/no credit, it is not necessary for students to adjust their original choices. Students who receive an extension of time retain access to the Harvard Libraries electronic resources after the term ends. It is the Head Instructor’s responsibility to post (submit) final grades. Evaluation of a student's performance in each course is the responsibility of the instructor of record for that course. Official grades are posted in online services. Potential and admitted degree candidates and premedical program students should check their individual program requirements. Program Policies, Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.) Program Policies, Doctor of Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) To arrive at a grade average, the scale below is applied. The adviser and others who have given substantive feedback to the student's written work on the thesis topic will not grade the thesis. If a student and instructor submit an Incomplete Grade Contract, then the maximum amount of time a student may be given to complete coursework is one term. Graduate students must accept letter grades in regular courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, except for some 300-level courses in which HGSE students may receive a grade of “Satisfactory.” Grades issued through cross-registration are recorded as such and are not converted by HGSE. Grade options primarily exist at HGSE. Grades cannot be changed after April 1 for fall and January session courses and August 3 for spring courses. Noncompletion grades may affect academic standing. The Harvard Chan School offers ordinal (letter), pass/fail, and audit grading options for non-degree students. See the calendar for specific dates. Students are expected to indicate their grade option (letter grade, or satisfactory/no credit) for each course selected at course enrollment. The student will be given a ten-day “extension” to finish coursework. Normally, the instructor's decision is final. Chan School of Public Health assign grades of A+ but HGSE does not. Calculated in Final G.P.A. If the student does not complete coursework by the deadline designated in the Incomplete Grade Contract, the INC becomes a permanent grade (“INP,” or permanent incomplete), NCR (no credit), or letter grade, unless the student has petitioned successfully for an extension. Grading Option. If students have questions regarding a grade, they are encouraged to follow up directly with the instructor for more clarity. In others, the instructor needs to explain the rationale for that grade (assuming no mistakes were made). This appeal must be filed within one week from when the grade was submitted to the Office of the Registrar and must include a memo outlining the grounds for appeal with specific examples supporting the claim that the grade was unjust. A – C, F Grading Scale. Potential candidates should be aware that minimum GPAs are required for admission to all programs and if their GPA is below the minimum, it may not be in their best interest to continue to register for courses in an attempt to raise their GPAs. Note: although a student may be given a maximum of one semester to complete coursework, the student may be given an earlier deadline by the instructor. Letter grades are A, A-, B+, etc., down to D-; F is failing. However, the academic dean may refer the appeal to the Committee on Rights and Responsibility if they deem that the initial evidence points to breaches of the HGSE or university academic or community standards. Students enrolled in the undergraduate credit version of CORe receive grades of high honors, honors, or pass and fail. Grade Point Average. Students may not register for a new semester with more than one Incomplete. Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 350 Cambridge, MA 02138-3654. Each instructor determines the individual grade components for their course and their percentage value in the calculation of their students’ final grades. The minimum standard for satisfactory work in the Graduate School is a “B” average in each academic year. Ordinal. In order to receive a satisfactory (“SAT”) grade, students are required to produce work of B- or better quality; … Salary Ranges Salary grades at Harvard Every staff position has a grade level. and Ed.M. Required scores are scores you must meet in order to qualify for admission. For example, if a student receives an INC in a fall course, then work for that course must be completed during the spring term and submitted by the first day of the summer term. While some instructors in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences may state that options exist, the pass/fail option that they refer to is for undergraduates only. For Ed.D./Ph.D. In all cases, the deadline on the contract is considered to be the official deadline by which the student must complete work for that particular course. The following scale is used to calculate the grade point average (GPA) for Harvard Extension School degree program applicants and candidates as well as premedical program students using a 4-point scale. The grades range from Highest Honors to No Honors. Program Policies, Part 4: Academic Integrity and Standards of Conduct, Resolution on Rights and Responsibilities, Standards of Conduct in the Harvard Community, Policies on Harassment and Discrimination, Policy on Consensual Romantic Relationships, Part 5: Copyright and Publishing Policies. Extensions to the incomplete contract are rarely granted and, if so, only with the agreement of the course instructor (who must be a current member of the HGSE faculty). Grades of E, ABS (Absent), NCR (No Credit), FL (Fail), UNS (Unsatisfactory), and EXLD (Excluded) are failing grades. The following scale is used to calculate the grade point average (GPA) for Harvard Extension School degree program applicants and candidates as well as premedical program students using a 4-point scale. Students are entitled to an explanation of their grades if they believe a calculation or clerical error has occurred; however, they should be careful not to harass instructors. Final authority for grading rests with the instructor in charge of the course. Pass/Fail. Students should check the course syllabus for more information on their instructor’s grading policies.

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