Unfortunately, they have to be learned by heart. The quiz is designed for intermediate/ advanced students. Practice what you learn in this lesson about coordinating conjunctions in German with a worksheet and answer key available here. There are three types of conjunctions in German:- Subordinating conjunctions, Coordinating conjunctions and Two-part or Compound conjunctions. German Subordinating Conjunctions Subordinating conjunctions are used to connect an independent and dependent clause together, and they do affect word order. An independent (or main) clause contains a subject and verb and can stand alone as its own sentence. One of the most interesting things about German is that the verb is placed in the last position of the clause in subordinate clauses (Main article: Sentence structure in German) German Subordinating Conjunctions . The word weil is the subordinating conjunction and connects the two clauses. Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions used correctly will enhance your German. Find free online flashcards, diagrams and study guides for Conjunctions and other topics in German. Drill 1 Use this to practice which conjunctions are coordinating and which are subordinating, and to familiarize yourself further with their meanings, which are included with each question. Drill 2 Use this to practice the meanings of the conjunctions. Subordinate Conjunctions. Choose from 7 study modes and games to study Conjunctions in German. This quiz and its attached worksheet quickly test your knowledge of German conjunctions. Conjunctions. It is used mostly like the English word, but obviously it changes the word order, as I mentioned at the beginning of this lesson. Please find below a list of subordinating conjunctions in German with their English translations. Click on the “weiter” button to move between the items (numbered from 2 to 2h). Subordinating conjunctions affect the sentence structure. Subordinate conjunctions help to form subordinate clauses. The subordinating conjunctions that you need to know for now are: Page description: Subordinating conjunctions join unequal clauses: … You find the answer key on the same page. Conjunctions It is useful to be able to produce more complex sentences by using a conjunction. But, the key is practice and becoming familiar with the word placement. Quizlet’s simple learning tools are a great way to practice, memorize and master Conjunctions terms, definitions and concepts in German. The conjunction “weil” is one of the most popular German subordinating conjunctions, as it means “because”. For testing your knowledge about coordinating and subordinating conjunctions go to Test Yourself. ... #2 Must-Know German Subordinate Conjunctions. Grimm Grammar is an online German grammar reference from the University of Texas at Austin. The verb goes at the end of the clause. See if you can explain how 'denn' and 'weil' are used. You can learn more about these German conjunctions in our lesson on subordinate clauses. Now you can get all of Herr Antrim’s materials about conjunctions (coordinating, subordinating, two-part, and adverbial) in one bundle. German has a large number of subordinate conjunctions to choose from. Unlike the conjunctions you already know (und, aber, etc. ), these new conjunctions will change the word order in your sentences, so you always need to be aware of them. It is called a subordinate clause because it cannot stand on its own without the other clause in the sentence and is linked to this by a subordinating conjunction. About This Quiz & Worksheet. Subordinating conjunctions - Easy Learning Grammar German The subordinate clause is always separated from the main clause by a comma. Now we need to learn a major component of German word order: subordinating conjunctions. Have fun.

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