Having too much lubrication, and/or not using the correct lubrication, may also cause the carriage to pre-maturely wear. ... Genie Garage Door Opener Rail Extension Kit. Otherwise, the garage door works fine. same Genie model and exact issue. With no belts, chains or gears that wear out, the screw-drive opener features a simplistic, yet strong design. Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders $14.99 +. After applying with Genie lubricante, make sure to re-run the garage door opener multiple times for the lubricant to redistribute appropriately. I’m wondering if I have too much grease on the screw drive. The power unit is making a popping noise about every second as the door goes down. Replacement parts are low cost, easy to replace with the DIY homeowner in mind. The EnduraDrive direct drive screw opener is an innovation in a long list of other industry firsts from Genie. With the carriage disconnected, the motor hums but the screw drive does not turn. I replaced the screw drive coupler but I think I have another part that was damaged. The plastic sides break off and the carriage falls off. The Genie screw drive carriage assembly physically connects the screw to the door arm. Just one more reason we love our two “legacy” Genie screw drive openers! Screw drive is ideal for heavy, oversized, or frequently used doors, Proprietary, direct screw design is maintenance-free and power-efficient, Pre-programmed remotes are ready to use with no programming necessary, Wireless keypad allows secure entry from outside your garage, Compatible with Aladdin Connect™ (sold separately), For residential garage doors up to 7 foot high, Extension kit required for 8 foot high doors (sold separately). Safety is key when it comes to the largest moving object in your home, and if a carriage is stripping or breaking this could be the result of a broken spring or improperly tensioned spring on the garage door. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions. Thanks! Same as old part number 20414R, 34107R, 25589S, 25589C, 25589R, 24357R, 20073R. That is why Genie’s legacy screw drive garage door openers, were made with a carriage assembly that is easy to replace to protect the heavy-duty rail system if there is an issue with the door, if the screw drive lubrication isn’t maintained, or if there are installation issues. Genie 0.5-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. 30 98 4 H. Can you please recommend the correct part / number . Having a smaller part that may strip due to any of these makes for easy, quick replacement. ... Genie Garage Door Opener Screw Drive Lubricant. I’m wondering if I have too much grease on the screw drive. Replacement garage door opener carriages for most model Genie garage door openers. I appreciate any help on how to make the carriage last longer. Easy installation. I will have to go check. If you are replacing the garage door opener system, you would have to replace all of the parts. › See more product details Have you ever tried operating your garage door the motor runs, the screw drive turns, but the door doesn’t move? Screw drive carriage you say? Genie’s legacy screw drive garage door openers, (such as the Medallion Series, Direct Lift, 1st Gen Excelerator, IS/ISL/IC & H Series) were designed with safety and longevity. What’s that? Compare; Find My Store. ... StealthDrive Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Battery Back-Up. Item #737061. thank you, I have a genie 1/2 h.p model IS 550/A screw drive opener Will the screw drive carriage work on this model Does Lowe’s carry this item in stock, @ Joanne – The EnduraDrive direct drive screw opener is an innovation in a long list of other industry firsts from Genie. Hi JR, If the motor on your screw drive garage door opener is running, and the screw drive is turning, but the door is not operating- It is time to replace this carriage. I have the same problem as J.r,bell had on May 20, 2019, only I have a Model CM7600IC/A. Model #GLU-R. Remove the nut and bolt from the header bracket above the door. Contractor's Assistant: What is the complete model and serial number of your machine? What was the solution? With the back of the unit removed, I can rotate the screw manually, but it won't spin when powered. Slightly lift up on the rail, slide the carriage off. It looks like it disintergrating from too much grease. › See more product details I bought part “Screw Drive Carriage Pull for Genie Garage Door Opener 36179R.S 34107R.S” from Amazon. ... Chamberlain 1.25-HP myQ Secure View and Ultra Bright Smart Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with MyQ and Wi-Fi Compatibility and Battery Back-Up and LED Light and Camera(s) Item #1630354. Next Post →, Unfortunately without the actual model number we are unsure of what carriage will work. Shop garage door openers and a variety of windows & doors products online at Lowes.com. At that point in time we made multiple types of garage door openers that all used different carriage assemblies. But what does this mean? The original carriage lasted for a long time (many years). We have screw drive operators available (updated from the version you have), you can find those here: https://store.geniecompany.com/collections/screw-drive-models, If you have any other questions we can provide you assistance at 1-800-354-3643, I have a screw driver type Genie garage door opener, 1/2 H.P and Model # IMS1000/A and I assume it was install when house was built 1999. for pricing and availability. Reattach the rail to the header bracket above the door with the nut and bolt. Find Genie garage door opener parts & accessories at Lowe's today. The new one, when not installed, also locks in the up position but not when installed. I see 4-5 washers (one looks like a super thin bearing) that were right behind the coupler on the worm gear side. I have a belt drive Genie Silent Max 1000,about 5 yr old. It was not working for a while until today turned it on and now it is working but i think after all these years of service it is time to replace it. 4th Step. Original Genie manufactured part. Item #2514190. If you have ever had any of these questions, maybe your carriage assembly is worn or stripped. Original Genie manufactured part. We would be more than happy to assist you. Is this possible? Please advice. 2nd Step:  Pull the clevis pin and cotter pin, from the door arm that is attached to the carriage. I need help with my model CM8600IC Rod driven opener. This Genie screw drive garage door opener is an original Genie manufactured part. First Step:  With the door in the closed position, disengage the carriage by pulling the red emergency release cord. Once the clevis and cotter pin are removed, slowly slide the door arm down toward the door. 36179R Screw Drive Carriage Assembly for GENIE Scew Drive Garage Door Openers. (You may want to use a ladder to rest the rail on), or have a second person assist you. and please help me with a replacement model and do i have to replace entire system? Thanks! The Genie MachForce premium screw drive garage The Genie MachForce premium screw drive garage door opener has an ultra-quiet 2 HPc DC motor that provides the ultimate combination of power and speed, making it 2x faster than most chain or belt drive garage door opener models. 36179R Screw Drive Carriage Assembly for GENIE Scew Drive Garage Door Openers. If the carriage is stripped, and there are no signs of installation errors, or door related errors, replacing the part is simple. If you look on the back of motor cover, or the top mounting plate under the white light cover you should be able to locate the model number, I need to replace the carriage drive on my door opener. *These instructions are only for those operators that look like the above images, with a carriage that looks like the below image**. We have 2 carriages available for screw drive garage door openers.

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