Check Out this Stunning Quartz Fireplace. It gave us 10 solid years of no issues, which sold us on a newer model. The MachForce Connect garage door opener features the strongest DC motor designed to lift even the heaviest doors. You can also attach the pull string handle at this point as well. These notifications also come straight to my smart watch. This part goes really quickly. Find helpful information for our products including installation & programming; and FAQs for new & existing openers. What used to take over a minute is done in seconds, with MUCH less sound. Designed For East DIY Install. All opinions are my own. ». Install the emergency release handle on the emergency release cord. Designed For Easy DIY Install. It is twice as fast as most chain or belt drive garage door opener models. Confirm door height. The garage door opener system has a 2 HPc * ultra-quiet DC motor. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. We put together a quick little installation video so you could see how easy the installation of the Genie MachForce Connect opener was. Once the powerhead and rails are mounted, then you need to attach the door arm to the door bracket. It really is a very easy install. Instead of giving our house sitter our keypad code or a remote, we can give them temporary access through the app for a specified amount of time. Learn how your comment data is processed. The rules are great because we can make sure that our garage door is closed at certain times (like night). Check it out below. t Install the entrapment WARNING label next to the wall button or console, in a prominent location. Select power-head mounting area. If you would like a keypad for outside the garage, you can purchase one and that install only takes a few minutes as well. You Have to See This Kitchen Floor and Our Experience with Floor & Decor, How to Teach a Child to Tie Shoes in 3 Minutes, Holy Makeover! Simply download the Aladdin Connect app, run through the fast installation and connection and then you are off. Hey There! Next, we wanted something that opened fast and was quiet since our kids rooms are above the garage. However, it was very simple and the directions that were sent with the Genie MachForce Connect were easy to read and understand. First, our old opener was getting tired and was showing signs of needing to be replaced. Aladdin Connect We have a terrible habit of not remembering if we closed the garage door or not and then having to drive back past our home to ensure that we actually did. If you are nervous about the wiring process, DO NOT stress, the pictures in the instructions are very easy to follow and it is just a couple wires. Measure door header. *Technical diagram showing the replacement parts for Genie garage door opener model 4063, the Machforce Connect series. When we leave out of town we have to hire a house sitter. We used two ladders. Owners manual for the 4063 MachForce Connect, DirectLift® 2060L- 2060L-07- 3060L- 3060L-07, Safe-T-Beam® Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors, Screw Drive Connection Collar - 19806A04.S, Replacement Screw Drive Rail- C-Channel- 38244R.S, Extension Kit (to 8') for 3 Piece, Belt Drive C-Channel Rails. Confirm the grounded power source. Screw Drive Opener Installation Video. The programing buttons on the powerhead are much easier to reach than previous models, which made programing vehicles and other handheld remotes so much easier. Disclosure: I am partnering with Genie. Strong 140V DC Motor. The pre-installation checklist includes: Check door condition and thickness. You can set rules and add shared users. In total it took us about an hour to complete the installation, however, it would have went even faster if we would have put the rails on correctly the first time. I spend a…, Your email address will not be published. However, the users feature is our favorite! We had the Genie MachForce Connect shipped to us and it wasn’t really all that heavy. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions. Diagram showing the replacement parts for Genie garage door opener model 4063, the Machforce Connect series. Safety In Mind. One feature that we were looking for when purchasing our new garage door opener was the ability to monitor it when we are away from home. The Genie MachForce Connect comes with 2 handheld remotes along with the powerhead. From there, you slide the shuttle on (that is the black piece with the red and white cord hanging down). Then you connect them with the powerhead bracket and begin the mounting of the unit to the door. Reason #1: Scraping snow off my truck 5 months pregnant is not fun. It is two times faster that belt or chain drive rails and is ideal for heavier garage doors. We are a 30 something couple, with 2 awesome kids living our best life in Colorado. Make your opener as smart as it can be by including Genie's award-winning Aladdin … We enjoy life in Colorado, delicious food, and any DIY or home renovations that we can get our hands on. This Genie MachForce Connect garage door opener is designed to be installed by the homeowner with only basic hand tools. It features 2x faster chain and belt drives and a powerboost which makes it a strong and powerful. My husband is by no means an electrician, but he had no issues placing the different colored wires into the right places according to the diagram in the directions. Designed For East DIY Install. We have lived in our home for almost a decade! >>CLICK HERE<< The Genie MachForce Connect XL premium screw drive smart garage door opener has an ultra-quiet 2 HPc DC motor that provides the ultimate combination of power and speed.

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