Gel visco or gel memory foam consists of gel particles fused with visco foam to reduce trapped body heat, speed up spring back time and help the mattress feel softer. In addition to being healthier and more environmentally-responsible, plant-based memory foam mattresses have been found to sleep considerably cooler than gel-infused products manufactured by leading brands. To boot, this gel memory foam mattress comes in 4 profiles ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches- but for most side sleepers, the thicker the mattress, the better. Memory foam is famous for relieving pressure, but gel foam is just as effective. While gel mattresses may feel cool when you first touch them or lay on them, many consumers find after being in contact with the material for a few moments the hot feeling returns. This gel-infused memory foam mattress is a great choice for anyone that wants a mattress that’s neither too firm nor too soft and adaptive enough to support all sleeping positions and sleepers with a combined weight of up to 500 pounds. They are more environmentally friendly, healthier and cooler than gel memory foam mattresses. That can lead to a poor decision and less satisfaction. Not only it won’t be as hot as memory foam, but it will still offer all the great properties of it, such as spinal support and body-contouring adaptiveness. We may also review products we’ve received for free. A gel-infused foam mattress is a type of memory foam mattress that is infused with a gel substance in the manufacturing process and designed to provide a cooling effect. Layla Sleep is known for using copper-infused memory foam in their … asked Feb 05 '14. The innerspring base improves breathability, minimizes motion transfer (perfect for couples! Please consult a healthcare practitioner before making changes to your diet or taking supplements. Best Twin XL Mattress: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, Best Mattress of 2020: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. Suited for all sleeping positions, this is a medium-firm mattress that will suit most sleepers. A gel memory foam mattress will relieve pressure from key stress points in the body and help you get rid of back pain. Take these facts with you as you shop for a mattress. A balanced design that offers both comfort and pressure-relieving support, this hybrid mattress utilizes the benefits of gel memory foam and individually wrapped coils both. What are the advantages of a gel memory foam mattress? There are so many materials, types, and designs on the mattress market that it can be difficult to pinpoint which is the best mattress for your needs. What are the differences, and how thick should it be? With its adaptable and simple design, this gel-infused memory foam mattress is meant to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of sleepers. Generally, traditional memory foam mattresses have a closed-cell structure, which means they have millions of tiny pockets of air trapped throughout the material. To decide if a gel memory foam mattress is a fit for you, however, you’ll have to consider the downsides as well. This gel memory foam mattress is available in three profiles- 8 inches high, 10 inches high, and 12 inches high- to suit anyone’s budget and need for support. Because memory foam contours to the sleeper’s body and disperses weight across the face of the mattress a highly desirable floating-like effect is created that provides total support and comfort. This allows far more airflow. Furthermore, the multi-layered memory foam design minimizes motion transfer, so if you toss and turn at night- or your partner does- you won’t be woken up by noise or movement. The layers of foam include airflow high-density foam and gel memory foam, to ensure a cooling effect and body-hugging comfort both. With a profile of 12 inches, this hybrid gel memory foam mattress is in the “goldilocks zone”- not too high and not too low, and suited to, Waking up sore and stiff is no fun- but if you have an inadequate mattress, it will quickly become a chronic issue. Sleep Innovations Marley Queen 12 Inch Mattress, 3. Gel memory foam mattresses last just as long as regular or plant-based memory foam mattresses—around 7 to 9 years. If you prefer sleeping on your side, the 10 or 12-inch version of this gel memory foam mattress will be just the thing. The thinnest option is suited for those that are petite or those that need a mattress for a guest room, the thickest 12-inch profile is suited for heavier sleepers, side sleepers, and those that want some extra support from their mattress, whereas the 10-inch gel memory foam mattress will suit most sleepers. I like to keep up on the advances. If you opt for an overly cheap mattress that’s made from unregulated materials and processed in a dubious facility, you risk exposing yourself to a host of dangerous chemicals and toxic substances.

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