I got 14 of them in the following models: 905C, 904C, 903C, 842C and 842S. Colin's northern pike. Now G Loomis says I must pay $120.00 for a replacement. When I bought the rod there was a lifetime guarantee no matter what. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. On the casting rods I have Aldebaran 50s on them all and the spinning models I have Exsence 3000s on them. The G-Loomis E6X Steelhead Drift Rods provide anglers with the best performance and best value. The newly re-designed E6X Inshore Series rods feature a new, sleek, buffblank finish, full-cork fore and rear grips, and new streamlined spinning reel seat that upholds the G. Loomis legacy. E6X Inshore Spinning Rods (12191 – 01) The latest addition to the arsenal of G.Loomis is the E6X series of saltwater spinning rods. Temple Fork Outfitter Spinning Rod Independent Review [Video] 2. July 22, 2015. If you have any questions about this rod or review, let us know in the comments! All Star Inshore Series Rod Review … I paid $50.00 for the rod. That was a great decision - I probably caught 300 smallmouth up to 4 pounds so it is well broken in and performed above my expectations. I have bought numerous G Loomis rods in the past 20 years and among them have been GLX. When I retired I received a gift certificate and decided to add another Loomis rod to my collection and since I was soon going to Canada smallmouth fishing I decided on the G. Loomis BronzeBack Spinning Rod. By Colin Kearns. High-performance, low resin construction, reduced scrim, and a higher ratio of heavy strain rate carbon fiber unites to deliver tremendous overall strength and sensitivity. Related Posts: 1. Rod Review: E6X Series from G. Loomis. I recently broke a tip on my GLX spinning rod and sent it back to G Loomis. Tight Lines! E6 stands for carbon, according to the periodic table. 5. The name E6X is a code name that tells us about the type of material that is being used to manufacture the rod. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for G. Loomis E6X 822S DSR Drop Shot Spinning Rod at Amazon.com. G Loomis E6X Inshore Rod Review [On-The-Water Performance] 3. DetailsThe G. Loomis E6X Steelhead Spinning Rod is a well-defined spinning rod for steelhead fishing.

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