Linda: Rhizosphaera needle cast is a fungal needle disease that causes needles to die and drop off the tree prematurely. Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners regarding your spruce trees that have been affected by Rhizosphaera needle cast. One common needle disease in … Symptoms of these needle cast diseases will be worse near the bottom of the tree, while the tops are typically not heavily impacted. Spruce trees can show brown needles starting from the lower limbs and progressing up the tree. Rhizosphaera needle cast damage in spruce. While spring may have long passed, it might not be too late for your trees to benefit from fungicide treatment this year, as it may still provide some reduction in the spread of the fungus to healthy parts of the trees. To get better management, try providing better air drainage and spraying one … Blue spruce in Michigan suffers from a serious needle casting disease caused by the fungus Rhizosphaera. All the needlecast fungi form small structures on the infected needle in which thousands of spores form. These "fruiting structures" may be black, orange-red, or tan, depending upon the fungus. We are planning on removing the tree that has been severely impacted this week. Also, … Another needle disease with similar symptoms that we’re seeing quite a bit of this year is Stigmina needle cast. During the spring, we’ll spray the tree with a copper-containing fungicide designed to keep the rhizosphaera fungus from spreading. Photo 4 shows the southern exposure of trees in the plantation. For Rhizosphaera needle cast, two properly-timed applications per year for at least two consecutive years, and sometimes three years, is required for control. I have attached pictures of the sick tree. ... Again, if you apply fungicides for needle cast disease, we ask you to make one of those applications one month after your first application. We think it is Rhizosphaera needle cast. Treating Rhizosphaera Needle Cast should always be done by a professional arborist. We did not spay a fungicide. One of the three trees is in really bad shape, but the two other ones don't look too bad. Heavily infected trees may require several years of fungicide applications but should be sprayed, soil drenches are not effective. Symptoms, the visible indications that the needle is diseased, do not appear until the late winter, spring, and early summer of the next year. At M&M Tree Care, we’ll treat the tree for the fungus over the course of two years. Last year we cut off the infected areas and cleaned up the ground around the tree. In Canada, two fungicides with active ingredient of copper oxychloride have a general registration for needlecast diseases and several other fungicides have registration specifically for control of Stigmina or Rhizosphaera (See Table 1). The key to successfully managing this disease requires that you protect new growth as it emerges. A protective fungicide with the active ingredient chlorothalonil (sold as Multi- Purpose Fungicide, Daconil 2787, and others), Two-some, Spectro-90, or copper based fungicide can protect new growth and prevent new infections. Spruce and coniferous trees are susceptible to environmental, insect and disease problems that can cause the trees to discolor, lose needles and possibly die. Needle cast diseases can be effectively controlled with fungicides containing chlorothalonil. Spruce in both urban and rural landscapes can be affected.

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