Ohm the wiring from the board to the sensor and make sure it has continuity ( a closed circuit)  if it's good check the connectors on both ends make sure it's connected good. The temperature sensor part number for model # FEB30S5DCC is Part #: 316217002. The control board you need to order for Frigidaire Range Model FGF36EQC  is linked below. There are three things that can cause the f10 error code, a bad temperature sensor, a bad electronic control board or bad wiring between the two. Regards, This error is normally caused by a failed RTD Sensor (Temperature Sensor). If this fault code appears when the oven is at room temperature, then the failure points to a … If so and you are certain you have 1100 ohms or close at room temp on the sensor, you got a faulty control board wherever you got it from. Make sure to take a picture of the back of the board before unplugging the wiring so you know how the wires go back. Have a question about this error code? The new control board does not come with the overlay, you may be able to remove the old overlay and reuse it but sometimes they tear up when you try to remove it from the old board. If the senor checks good replace the main control. Can you tell me what a temp sensor would cost for It can be ordered from the link below: Click Here To Order The Temperature Sensor, What is the number of the replacement Control Board Panel I need for my Frigidaire Model #FGF366EQC Thank You. The control board for  Frigidaire range model# CFEF3048LSG can be ordered from the link below: FRIGIDARE MODEL # FFGF3049LSD This Frigidaire Gallery Range F10 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model FPCS3085LFB and all the models listed under the related models section below. The information on this site is intended for qualified service technicians and technically knowledgeable audience. Hello Darlene, The complete model number is very important for proper diagnostic and accurate advice. Other possible causes for an F10 overheat code include a bad thermostat, which is connected to your Frigidaire electric range's temperature controls. If oven continues to overheat when the power is reapplied, replace the ERC. Temperature probe and wiring check out ok. Questions not Ser # NF62028311 When turned on, the control pad just beeps and gives F10 error code. If it's not in our database submit it on our code info request page. The board for you model is linked below just in case: https://prismparts.com/products/frigidaire-range-oven-control-board-pp6738426?_pos=1&_sid=2f4ccf98e&_ss=r, Our oven overheated and after it cooled down still displays f10 error it is a free standing Frigidaire model ffef3048lsm. To fix Frigidaire range F10 error you will need to do a little troubleshooting first. Once you have the cover off you will see the back of the control, it will be mounted to the console with a few more screws, remove those and unplug the wires, remove the old board and install the new one. The F10 error can also be caused a failed main control or a … Getting F10 error not the sensor Troubleshooting and Repair - F10 Error Code - FPCS3085LFB, This F10 error code also applies to the following models. A faulty thermostat could command the elements to heat beyond capacity if it isn't correctly reading the temperature control's limits. Our oven is showing the FT in error code whenever my wife cook something. I ohmed the wires to the temperature sensor in the back of the harness of the circuitboard because when I pulled the temperature probe out of the oven and disconnected it, I don’t have small enough needles on my voltmeter to stick down in the holes of the temperature sensor harness connector. The replacement sensor is linked below: If the sensor is good then use your meter to ohm the wiring from the sensor connection to the main control board, if the wiring is bad, fix or replace the bad wire and that will take care of the error. I have heard a few times what sounded like it shorting out from the control knobs on the right side. The control board you need to order for Frigidaire Range Model # FES365EQB can be ordered from Amazon at the link below: Looking for the control board part# for this model. Check the wiring for loose connections or damaged wires. So the first thing you want to do is test the temperature sensor. There are just a few screws holding it in place. related to this error will not be answered. Need part for the main board. This video from Sears PartsDirect shows you what to do if … Thanking you in advance for your assistance. It runs around 22.00 for a new one. Try disconnecting the electrical power to the range by turning off the electrical … Nathalie Morin. Hi, where can I buy a new wire linking to the resistance temperature sensor? I can turn off the breaker to the oven and cut it right back on and it clears the error. The temperature sensor is the probe you see sticking out of the back wall of the oven. If you have an ohm meter and know how to use it, disconnect the temperature sensor (the probe you see protruding out of the back wall of the oven) and check the resistance it should be roughly 1100ohms at room temperature, if not its bad and needs to be replaced. The sensor you will need for your model is linked below: https://prismparts.com/products/for-kenmore-range-oven-temperature-sensor-pp5349693?_pos=1&_sid=d8e911a9b&_ss=r. The frigidaire stove my son has has a f10 code. To fix Frigidaire range F10 error you will need to do a little troubleshooting first. If you don't have a meter the most common problem that causes the F10 error is the temp sensor just replace it. The sensor should be roughly 1100 ohms at room temperature, if not it's bad. If that don't fix it then order and replace the control board. We have a Frigidaire oven that is separate from our glass stove top. Model # FES365EQB, glass top slide in range/oven. Click  Here To See Part And Ordering Information For The Temperature Sensor, Click Here To See Part And Ordering Information For The Control Board. Frigidaire Gallery Range Electronic Control Board (EOC), Frigidaire Gallery Range Temperature Sensor | RTD Sensor.

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