Reposition hose to eliminate the kink. Water supply valve in water line is partially closed. Only use a detergent that is recommended for dishwashers. Improper amount of detergent is being used. 1. These days Frigidaire are owned by Electrolux and produce a wide range of appliances including, of courses, dishwashers. Try not to run water elsewhere in the home while the dishwasher is filling. Use the Rinse & Hold cycle or rinse by hand if not operating dishwasher at once. Electrical lines may be inadequate or too small. 1. Water temperature may be low. Use a 15 ampere time lag fuse or a 15 ampere circuit breaker for 15 ampere branch circuits. 1. This website uses cookies. 2. Never use less than 2 tablespoons of detergent in each detergent cup. 1. Frigidaire FDR252RBS2 Dishwasher Troubleshooting. 1. Mixing stainless steel and silver utensils in silverware basket can cause pitting of the stainless steel blades. Using too much detergent in soft or softened water causes this film that cannot be removed. Detergent used is too old (it is caked in the box). Wipe up any spills with a damp cloth. 2. Check pages 4 to 8 for information on correct wash cycle, proper loading, water temperature, water pressure, hard water, amount of detergent, old and ineffective detergent, and … Close door and push latch to far right position. Since Frigidaire dishwashers share design elements and parts with other brands of dishwashers owned by Electrolux, spare parts and repair are readily available and there is plenty of troubleshooting support should your Frigidaire dishwasher encounter any problems. It is normal for dishwasher to pause (no sound) when the wash action is switching between the lower and middle spray arms. If water remains in the bottom of the tub, dishwasher may not be draining properly, Place glasses securely against pins and not over pins, Load items so they are secure and don't jar loose when moving racks in and out. Spilled rinse aid can cause foam and lead to overflowing. 1. This permits entering cold air to expand slowly inside the dishwasher. For further assistance please have a look at our page about common dishwasher problems and our general dishwasher troubleshooting guide. CHECK TO BE SURE DRAIN LINE IS NOT CLOGGED Try a reset by pressing the High-Temp and Start-Cancel buttons on the dishwasher … Measure the hot water temperature at the kitchen sink with a candy or meat thermometer. Small amount of water is in the 'bottom of the tub below the screen. Otherwise, it … Turn on the hot water at kitchen sink tap before running the dishwasher to be sure that hot water is entering the dish- washer during the first wash cycle. Washing large amounts of dishware with tomato based soil can cause a pink/orange apperance. Do not overfill the detergent cups or the detergent dispenser may not open automatically. 1. 2. Faulty Pump and Motor Assembly. Air dry dishes by opening the door for about 10-20 minutes immediately after the dishwasher shuts off. Rinse thoroughly. Certain high acid foods can cause discoloration of stainless steel and plastics if allowed to sit for a long period. Load clean dishes and glasses in normal manner. Frigidaire Factory Service. Dishwashers are quite basic machines and as such any faults or problems your dishwasher might develop are usually very easy to identify by taking some simple troubleshooting steps. Water droplets forming on inside of dishwasher and dish racks. Soiled dishes left in dishwasher too long can create an odor. Dishes not clean. 1. Choose the right symptom from the list below, enter your model number and read through the possible causes. 2. Frigidaire DW series, АВК series, FFBD series, FFPD series, FMB series, FMP series dishwasher troubleshooting. Detergent used is too old (it is caked in the box.). 6. On the other hand, if your Frigidaire dishwasher doesn’t reset and shows error codes in the display or LEDs stay on, the problem is with the electrical or mechanical functions. ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS House fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped. Residual moisture remaining after drying time. Frigidaire dishwasher troubleshooting Is the dishwasher making unusual noises, refusing to … Load properly. Move racks in and out slowly, Make sure tall glasses and stemware will clear top of tub when rack is pushed in, Fine antique china and crystal should be hand-washed, Water vapor escapes from the vent during the drying part of cycle. • Make sure door is closed and latched, If unit is hooked up to a food waste disposer, make sure the disposer is empty, Check to see if the knockout plug has been removed from inside the food waste disposer inlet, Make sure cycle is complete, not in a pause.

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