i was planning on only using it in when diluting his juices since i know it has to much fluoride. Saving Lives, Protecting People. Breast milk is easy to digest and contains antibodies that can protect infants from bacterial and viral infections. Nestlé, the leading brand behind the new fluoride water for babies, must now answer serious questions about fluoride and children’s health as the U.S. Court of Appeals has agreed to hear oral arguments from a mother whose daughter allegedly developed dental fluorosis as a result of the fluoridated bottled water. If you are using baby toothpaste without the fluoride, keep it to the same amount because you still want to minimize any toothpaste that is swallowed. In comparison to breast milk, fluoridated water contains 200 up to 250 times more fluoride, which can be toxic, especially to younger age groups or to those who are still depending on liquid intakes for a food source. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For many holistic Miami dentists, the Harvard research and looming lawsuit both point to a simple truth: Water fluoridation is a poorly regulated and dangerous practice that can cause serious harm to both children and adults. Three types of infant formula are available in the United States: powdered formula, which comes in bulk or single-serve packets, concentrated liquid, and ready-to-feed formula. Assure A Smile's mission is to ensure healthy teeth and gums for life! Urgent Bulletin: Study Shows Fluoride ‘May Not Prevent Cavities’, Fluoride in Tap Water Imported from China, Untested Before Use, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Admits Fluoride May Harm Teeth, Carnation Good Start Infant Formula (by Nestlé). If your child is exclusively consuming infant formula reconstituted with water that contains fluoride, there may be an increased chance for mild dental fluorosis (a change in the appearance of tooth enamel creating barely visible lacy white markings). Why is baby water with fluoride bad? Is Baby Water with Fluoride Safe for Infants? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires the label to indicate when fluoride is added. By Marie McCullough The Philadelphia Inquirer. Although optimally fluoridated water has been proven safe for consumption by children, adults, and even babies, exposure to too much fluoride can result in dental fluorosis, a cosmetic condition that primarily leads to changes in the appearance of the teeth. Instead, patient exams and procedures are conducted using only biocompatible materials known to be less toxic and minimally invasive. 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Yes, you can use bottled water to reconstitute (mix) powdered or liquid concentrate infant formulas, but be aware that the fluoride content in bottled water varies. While most water filters used at home (in a pitcher or attached to the tap) do not remove fluoride, home water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis (RO) and distillation do remove significant amounts of fluoride from the water. MM. Studies by the Harvard School of Public Health claim otherwise, calling fluoride a potentially toxic mineral that seems to cause "chemical brain drain" in children (i). Sources: If breastfeeding is not possible, formula can be used. Because most infant formulas contain low levels of fluoride, regularly mixing powdered or liquid infant formula concentrate with fluoridated water may increase the chance of a child developing the faint white markings of mild fluorosis. Formula-fed babies can have their formula made with fluoridated water, though it’s better to make baby formula with distilled baby water with fluoride. Studies by the Harvard School of Public Health claim otherwise, calling fluoride a potentially toxic mineral that seems to cause “chemical brain drain” in children (i). Yes, you can use fluoridated water for preparing infant formula.

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