Well, first, are you sure it's a male? A "little bit" would mean one or two teaspoons, too much salt will also kill the fish! first of all if the genes of your flowerhorn has a really big head it will become a big head but if in this case your flowerhorn does not grow his head it means that it will stay that way. Flowerhorn baby fish , how to grow his head, By entering this site you declare My flowerhorn's head is getting smaller from ball head. Any way to grow redcap fishes head ?? i have a flowerhorn , i tried all types of food , temp of the water is 30 degree celcious , everything , but my flowerhorn does not have a big head it is to small , tank is of size 3.5 feet . I have got B grade flowerhorn baby.so how can i make its head big?? It looks like a male to me--but, knowing for sure can save you some time/frustration. Which food is best for Flowerhorn Okiko Platinum Or Xo Humpy Head? I want to grow my head of flowerhorn my tank is 2 feet temperature 30d. before getting a flowerhorn make sure that you saw its parents. There are a few sites dealing with Flowerhorns, but you might also check sites for cichlids, as they are hybrid cichlids and would be similar to other cichlids. your flowerhorn is ready to breed....being a flowerhorn breeder for many years it is well known to me that these symptoms are common when they are ready to reed...you should immidiately find a pair and let them breed. Every flowerhorn hobbyist’s goal is to make his flowerhorn cichlid develop a large kok. Also, although the Flowerhorn is a freshwater fish, even freshwater ponds and rivers have a certain concentration of salt, thus adding a little bit of salt in the water also helps to make the fish feel "at home". I have a small flowerhorn with head.how can I make it to get a big head, Flowerhorn baby fish , how to grow his head, Betta laying on bottom or actually sitting on tail with head up. Max size may be up to 30 cm (12 in). Ram Cichlid has big white hole in head. However, I have been around here for a while, and I find them very interesting fish, so I have been reading up. you read and agreed to the. HELP! If your fish is female, it will not get a big head. Are you sure the fish does not require a bit cooler temperature, and is the flowerhorn cichlid compatible with a blood parrot cichlid? first of all if the genes of your flowerhorn has a really big head it will become a big head but if in this case your flowerhorn does not grow his head it means that it will stay that way. How To Grow A Show Quality Flowerhorn Cichlid. Second, I am not a flowerhorn expert, and I don't own one. Best food for flowerhorn? Posting "wild" without being more specific doesn't really help either. If it is big than your fish kindly Crush it then feed him.. , Responding to these ancient topics isn't that useful. Growth rate is rather impressing, during their first year of life they grow up to 2 cm in a month. Panaques and Plecos: A Super Big Blog to a Super (Potentially Big) Fish, Species Profile: Head and Tail Light Tetra (Hemigrammus Ocellifer). The life span is about 10 years, so I would guess that they would be sexually mature when they're a year or so old, possibly even sooner, but it is only a guess on my part. Which food is best for Flowerhorn Okiko Platinum Or Xo Humpy Head? The growth of Kok of a Flowerhorn no doubt depends upon the genes but apart from that if you follow the tips mentioned above you will find that the Flower horn’s Kok is growing better. What's the best food for flowerhorn to grow hump faster? Hey friends i have brought flowerhorn baby, and m wishing to grow his head ... m feeding him (hi RED - Taiyo, or ocean free- xiTuan yuan ) is it good food for him ? you read and agreed to the. 6. Thank you for your input Jon Snow and sujay, as this thread is over 2 years old, I think the question has now been resolved. I can't find any specific information on how quickly they grow up, though 3 month olds raised in good conditions might be 3 inches long. And only a male fish will develop the kok on the head. Dude simply feed him Humpy head seeds, But make sure it is not big seed for your fish. My flowerhorn's head is getting smaller from ball head. Only male flowerhorns grow the prominent forehead. Which food is best for flowerhorn to make his head bigger or color brighter, Which Food Is Best For Flowerhorn To Make His Head Bigger Or Color Brighter. plz help me. Flowerhorn is a typical large American cichlid with big bulky body, fan-shaped unpaired fins and a bright colored hump on its forehead. There are some species of 40 cm body length. even you use all types of food enhancers the results a the same.. By entering this site you declare Maybe somewhere they sell growth hormones for fish, but a more conventional way to encourage growth is proper nutrition and a healthy environment. The kok gene is the only factor that determines whether a louhan's head will develop into a large one. It is tough to compare it with any other Flowerhorn but then you should take care that everything that it gets in its environment is helpful in keeping it healthy and helps in the growth of the Kok too. How long does it take for baby fish (fry) to grow to be young adults? many of us dont know to grow a baby flower horn fish with proper maintenance, HERE IS MY POST WHERE YOU CAN LEARN EVERY TACTIC TO GROW IN PROPER WAY AND GET HUMP QUICKLY Flowerhorn fish is also known as Lump Head Cichlid, Malaysia Rajah Cichlasoma, Hualorhan, or Luohan. before getting a flowerhorn make sure that you saw its parents. I recently bought a baby flowerhorn, and want him... How long will it take my baby bristlenose pleco to grow 3 inches???? The Flowerhorn fish has a voracious appetite. I would suggest you look at sites that specialize in Flowerhorn fish. now i am using the food named head up (of OKIKOP company). the temp is fine , but its off no use. It seems like most people recommend two different foods--Grand Sumo and Humpy Head. suggest a quality food please. Mature size can be up to 16 inches, so they need very large tanks when full grown. I have a flowerhorn baby. please sugest me some way to make its head big . Sexing them when young is very nearly impossible, even as adults it can be very, very difficult. Stunting - Do fish like Goldfish grow only to the size of their tank? so what can i do to make its head ... Will my flowerhorn get a big and ball head ? My flowerhorn is getting darker What do i do?? Flowerhorn Baby Fish , How To Grow His Head | My Aquarium Club yes bro , it has been mated with a parrot fish , the red one . I have a flowerhorn baby. Please check the date of the original post before replying and only reply if you have a useful contribution to the thread. These two things have a direct impact on fish health. This is because the size its head is the single biggest determinant of quality and in many cases, its value. Below are some of the flowerhorn head growth secrets you should know as a hobbyist: The Flowerhorn Kok Gene.

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