Reading vs understanding are two different things Jet. Mining Locations V. Tips and pointers VI. Contents. I leave it up to you. If you are connecting from a Final Fantasy XI install downloaded FROM any private server OTHER than Nasomi it is a simple plug and play with Ashita with Tonberry's IP address (or any private server IP address you wanted). (The levels given are for solo. Some can do one but not the other. Posts: 41397. skype; xbox; steam; By Jetackuu 2019-11-26 12:09:40 Link | Quote | Reply . Credits VII. Asura.Ladyofhonor said: » Anyone else find this contradictory? 1 Q&A Session; 2 Tapping the Records of Eminence Money Keg; 3 Be an Auction House Boss. Because that is literally what the OP requested. Legal info, disclaimer, contact info - I.- - Intro - As a frequent user of the FFXI message boards here on GameFAQs, I have noticed quite a few questions about mining. Instant cash vs. slightly more cash? Making money in FFXI is an easy way to feel successful. If you're duo, try the camps 2-4 levels early. ---- Final Fantasy XI Mining Guide ---- - Contents - I. 55 - 60 Yhoator Jungle (Uggalepih Waterfall [J-11 directly to the right of Temple of Uggalepih]) Fishing from the Uggalepih Waterfall your target will be Elshimo Newts and Jungle Catfish while using Lu Shang's … If you have a full party, do @expcamp for the level of your party.). Everybody here is talking about Nasomi and Eden, the 75 cap servers. Offline. 34 talking about this. Version History III. Mining 101 IV. Jetackuu. A ffxi community based around the Chains of Promathia era of Final Fantasy XI. Before you start, be sure to go the chocobo circuit or the AH in your city (depicted by a mallet on your map) to buy:Equipment and weapons Intro II.

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