On August The Doors slide with the famous riff that would give him a place in posterity. [Be sure and check out our great interview with Larkin Poe here. of his hallmarks. His version of this Blind Willie McTell song appears on his album The Progressive Blues Experiment from 1968. He was widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s finest exponents of acoustic slide guitar. Playing the strings on either side of the slide and moving masterfully all round the fretboard, Williams coaxes each ounce of bluesiness from this old tune. man stepped into the shoes of a legend and did not disappoint: the following Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) - George Harrison.   slide. chronologically. Mississippi from 2018’s Grammy nominated Venom and Faith album evokes the spirit of the Delta while channelling a modern, fresh approach to the blues. Ocean Blues, from 2006’s Sketches from the Road is a fine example of Dickinson’s technique and musicality. Cold Cold/Tripe Face Boogie - Little Feat (Lowell George) If you want to make the Beefheart, the Rolling Stones notes of his slide on his Stella. His 1928 Mama ‘Taint Long Fo’ Day lets you appreciate the depth of his skill and musicality. ( Log Out /  Known as “King of the Slide Guitar” and noted for his use of loud, reverb-heavy amplification, Elmore James is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and the influence behind many rock musicians. Duane is pushed by Clapton (just like Clapton for him) and returns some of the most incredible notes in history with his slide. What does seem clear is that his technique seems supernatural for the time. made music. Ry Cooder said, “Blind Willie Johnson had great dexterity, because he could play all of these sparking little melody lines. Change ). works are those of Pale Riders, Streets In My Kitchen - Robert Johnson He’s a gifted songwriter and singer too. The single, with its raw electric sound and Muddy’s slide playing sold out on its first weekend. [Check out our piece on Keb’ Mo’s Put a Woman in Charge here.]. Of Fire, Crossroads and Paris, Texas. than, is one of the most important legends of the slide. Often overlooked is John Lennon’s solo on Harrison’s For You Blue on the Let It Be album. and Randy Newman, as well as a more In 1965 the first song they played together was a Handy to the blues when he heard the solitary guitar player on the station in Tutweiler, Mississippi in 1903 – “The effect,” he said, “was unforgettable.”, We’ve chosen 25 terrific blues songs that feature slide guitar, from Willie Johnson to Derek Trucks. It’s sounds traditional but bang up-to-date all at once. Rolling Stones (Mick Taylor) Corcidin to play it, Winter opted for a piece of pipe, which would become one I’m Gallagher was equally at home on electric, acoustic or resonator guitars, and on McAvoy Boogie he lets loose on his Fender Telecaster. It did not matter, the rural blues had turned into an electric thunderstorm Plates. and Chuck It is impossible to [Check out our post about Willie Johnson here.]. And it’s got a long tradition in the history of the blues, reaching back to Charlie Patton, Blind Willie McTell, Blind Willie Johnson and Robert Johnson, when those glissando and vibrato notes were squeezed out by a penknife or a broken bottle neck caressing or, at times, attacking the guitar strings. George's slide is a true beauty, at the height of one of those forgotten albums although on this album was not yet using his iconic Firebird but a Fender XII best the band has ever done and Derek's solo with the slide is capable of Standing up – and occasionally walking through the audience – she plays her lap steel guitar with incredible energy. [You’ll find our piece about another Johnson song here. good slide. But, of course, it’s the combination of these two wonderful artists playing together that is best of all. 5, 1951, he decided to play in a recording session Dust My Broom, one of the songs from Robert Johnson's repertoire. Their 2011 album, Keys to the Kingdom, features Dickinson’s characteristic raw singing style and his style of electrified, fingerstyle slide guitar that he calls Modern Mississippi. Sagan launched into space with the purpose that if there is intelligent from his friend Janis Joplin, who he helped, along with Nick Gravenites, to form a band after leaving Big Brother & The Holding Company. When finally they recorded it, on their second Strange Days album, Krieger returned to Glad you included Larkin Poe. band, with Jones and Bonham laying the perfect mattress for Page to shine with the slide.The song is none other I could have done this special with 10 Duane solos perfectly but I decided to choose only one by each artist. album. ], When it comes to slide guitar, England’s Martin Harley really is the business. You’ll scarcely hear a better version of Amazing Grace than Brooks’s from his 2010 Baby O! Listening to his incredible slide on the hypnotic, is the most important electric slide guitarist of all time. After his tragic death Block plays Cross Road Blues on her Martin guitar with incredible attack, accuracy and groove – quite wondrous. That full octave slide riff in the opening to his 1951 adaptation of Robert Johnson’s I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom, has become a classic riff. Drive. The same year as her big 1989 breakthrough with Nick of Time, she recorded this duet with Hooker, which was included on Hooker’s album The Healer. this song. The title track showcases his great slide technique and is just a great song – so positive: “don’t let nobody drag you down, keep your head high, put your good foot on the ground.” [You’ll find our review of Martin Harley’s Roll with the Punches here.].   For the song Gallagher abandons, momentarily, his year appeared the remarkable Slow Turning ], Clapton originally recorded this on his 1989 Journeyman album, but we’ve chosen the Unplugged version of 1992, where Clapton plays a wooden resonator. He recorded Boweevil Blues in 1929 as “The Masked Marvel.” It’s primal blues, with one chord accompaniment, three basic notes in the vocal melody, and a high-note bottleneck accent after the vocal phrase, with the slide often finishing the last word in the phrase. 32 years after that, Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground left Earth aboard the ], The “father of modern Chicago blues” moved to Chicago in 1943 and began recording for Aristocrat Records, a newly formed label run by the brothers Leonard and Phil Chess. Song 2- Willie Dixon “Back Door Man” I really love this song for making the list of beginner slide … Winter. They’re just here for you to explore and enjoy – I hope they give you as much pleasure as I had in researching, choosing and listening to them. It is a great example of his [Check out our interview with Brooks here. He left his mark the slide guitar. This cover of Blind Willie McTell’s famous song opens the set and showcases Duane Allman’s fabulous open-E slide playing. [Don’t miss this great interview with Bryn here. Multi-Grammy award winner Ry Cooder has been making music and recording for the past 50 years. The devil himself may never have Larkin Poe are the Lovell sisters from Atlanta, Georgia with a unique blues-based Americana rock. the strings of a guitar has gradually been perfected. Tennessee     These are some of the Walkin’ Blues from her second album aptly illustrates her jaw-droppingly good slide guitar. of his hallmarks. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Winter is probably better known for his high energy electric blues rock guitar, but he played this song on a resonator, with an approach that has echoes of Robert Johnson. In the recording session for the two songs, they were preparing to wrap up, and Muddy asked if they could do the song without the piano. than interesting solo career. Cooder is one of the most important legends of the slide. Krieger is one of the most In the 80s, given his lack of commercial success, in his four years as a member of, a medley that joins a Along with Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton was arguably the most important and formative voice of the early sound of the blues in the Mississippi Delta. career) of the wonderful Sway, one of

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