fallout.wikia.com if its not there look it up in the GECK. 3,923. When the medicine is injected, it provides immediate healing of the body's minor wounds. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. To re-enable them, exit the game and start it again. Like many games built on the Gamebryo engine, PC versions of Fallout: New Vegas includes a command console that you can use to change various game aspects and functions, such as adding and removing items, changing object sizes and modifying or disabling NPC behavior, to give but a few examples. Stimpaks in Fallout: New Vegas function much the same as in Fallout 3, with one exception. Uploaded by LuptonStewart. WARNING: Using console commands in the Steam version of Fallout: New Vegas will prevent you from obtaining achievements for that session! https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Stimpak_(Fallout:_New_Vegas)?oldid=3328245, For an overview of stimpak types in all games, see, The crafting components needed to make a stimpak are the same components needed when asking, A large number of stimpaks can be obtained in the add-on, A considerable amount can be purchased from. SlasherAuto-inject stimpak Super stimpak This item can be crafted by the player character. I thought console commmands did this... TheOnlineGaming - That's why it's called "thumper". Odd technical issue when using controller. In addition to healing, the game also adds the debuff "stimpak sickness" which happens after using a super stimpak. Boards; Fallout: New Vegas; How do i cure stimpack sickness? baseid You can open the console by pressing the backquote key (`) while in game. None Wondering if anyone knows of a list where I can find the stimpack item number? You can also type "help" in the console for the list of commands, but I find it very unorganized. editor id value Hey guys im looking for the console command for stimpacks and i cant find it on youtbe or im too lasey to watch the like 12 minute video to see if they might have the command for it so guys do any of you know how or what the comman for stimpacks is? The base ID is equal to the ID used in Fallout 3. 1 Characteristics 1.1 Medicine skill effect 1.2 Crafting 2 Locations 3 Notes Stimpaks in Fallout: New Vegas function much the same as in Fallout 3, with one exception. Tag this mod Description; Files 1; Images 3; Videos 0; … It will open the console screen of the game, here, enter any of the below-listed Fallout New Vegas console commands and then hit ENTER. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Fallout: New Vegas consumable +30 Hit PointsHardcore mode only:+5 Hit Points per second for 6s A wonder of pre-War science, stimpaks are syringes filled with a mixture of healing agents and stimulants, allowing the user to boost their own body's natural regenerative functions. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Opening the Console : To open the console in Fallout New Vegas, press the ~ key while you are in the game. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. weight A stimpak is a hand-held medication used in healing the body. Is there a developers area with all items like in fallout 3? Thanks if you have a link for this item. This is the best guide to remove companions equipment. Fallout New Vegas (PC) Console ID Codes for Items by Dave (eperb12 | Google Mail) _____ A C T I V A T I O N _____ Create a shortcut to the game executable (this … Cheat Codes / Tips Cheat Description; player.additem 00103b1c: Add # of sunset sarsaparilla blue star bottle caps: addspecialpoints # Quickly add # special points: player.additem 001465A6 1 : Add Most Powerful Debug MegaPistol: player.addperk (perkcode) … Opening the Console : To open the console in Fallout New Vegas, press the ~ key while you are in the game.

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