The Masked Lapwing is mainly white below, with brown wings and back and a black crown. This is a behaviour shared with several other species, including the Robin. More. Birds have large yellow wattles covering the face, and are equipped with a thorny spur that projects from the wrist on each wing. Lapwing chicks leave the nest, which is a simple shallow scrape, soon after hatching. The non breeding plumage is brown above and white below, with pale neck band and pale band above the eye. Nesting Lapwings may also modify their behaviour if they are being watched by a human observer, for example by making ‘false nest visits’ to an area that is not the nest. The lapwing of Eurasia (Vanellus vanellus), also called the green plover or pewit, is a noisy and conspicuous bird distinguished by a strikingly upcurved, slender crest. They mainly feed at night to avoid attacks by gulls. Lapwings eat a variety of animals and plants, such as worms, beetles, larvae, spiders, insects, caterpillars and seeds. The spur is yellow with a black tip. Young Masked Lapwings are similar to the adult birds, but may have a darker back. Double-banded Plover (Charadrius bicinctus) The Double-banded Plover is a small shorebird. Learn interesting facts about New England plovers and lapwings. Masked Lapwings are large (33 to 38 cm), ground-dwelling birds that are closely related to the waders. Lapwings are almost all inland or upland birds, found in all temperate and tropical regions except North America. Find photos, sounds, range information and identification tips for each bird. Australian Plovers, Lapwings: FAMILY : Plovers, Lapwings. They are unmistakable in both appearance and voice, which is a loud "kekekekekekekek". As spring approaches, these flocks get smaller; some birds head back to their continental breeding grounds and others disperse to breed in the UK. A lapwing can be thought of as a larger plover. Masked Lapwings are large, ground-dwelling birds that are closely related to the waders. Familiar birds of farmlands and wetlands, Lapwings can often be seen wheeling through winter skies in large, black and white flocks.

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