Thus, if you are a PC owner and have nothing in common with the FN key, please bypass this post. This thread is locked. Please note that Cortana is not available in all countries or geographical areas. In the right pane, you will see Scancode Map file now, right click on it and select Delete ( If you cannot find Scancode map file then this method will not work for you, move on to the next method). Personal computers (PCs) do not have the so-called Function (FN). My Enter Key isn't working . In some cases, for people using specialized software, the non-functioning of the Enter Key can bring their work to a standstill. The Final Word On How To Fix Enter Key Not Working on Windows 10? Bob, Certain keys on my keyboard have stopped working. Some include the Backspace, both enter keys, the left shift, and the entire number pad to the right of the keyboard. The Enter Key is one of the most important keys on the keyboard and is also one of the most pressed keys. Otherwise, you may found useful information on how to fix Function keys not working issue on Windows 10. This is not uncommon, and many others have the same problem that you have: whether the Windows 10 Start bar is not working or the keyboard Windows button is not working Windows 10. I tried resetting my laptap but still didn't work please help. ** Moved from: Windows / Windows 10 / Performance & system failures / PC *** In Windows 10, there are two functions – Sticky Keys and Filter Keys. If your problem is with Cortana then check that out first. Find the solutions from the following part now! So, how to fix Backspace, Enter or Spacebar not working? STEP 5 – Reboot your computer.check that Windows key is working or not… You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Spacebar, Enter, or Backspace Not Working Method 1: Turn off Sticky Keys and Filter Keys. The windows key on the laptop keyboard brings up the start menu, but windows key + enter does not work nor does windows key + C. Other windows key + A, D, E, I, etc. are working.

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