Though I think being able to do both sides on the Wicked Edge is pretty convenient. Seems to be slightly more robust/better features than the Apex., (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Tagging, I’m also interested in this info. I also purchased 800/1000 diamond paddles as well as set of strop paddles. Clay from Wicked Edge also pointed out that Wicked Edge comes standard with diamond/ceramic stones whereas Edge Pro and other systems use traditional water stones which require more maintenance and generally don’t last as long – and life expectancy of the stones is typically double other systems since they’re only used half as much. I'd like to just get a good set of diamond or ceramic stones and not deal with flattening or maintaining them aside from cleaning. Wicked Edge has an improved clamp which I believe address full flat & distal taper issues, as well as having a small knife adapter, but they are pretty expensive. ). That being said, my hapstone is easily one of my favorites and I have gotten hair whittling, mirror edges off of it. If you plan on sharpening a lot and being really exact or love super steels: go WE(maybe kme, haven't tried it; though I heard that the clamp doesn't center the blade perfectly; there's also that Russian kme, no idea how it's called). Mike22 likes this. What does this mean? This combination honestly works fine but I want to take my knives to lower edge angles and experiment a bit. Edge pro vs Wicked Edge Discussion in 'Maintenance, Tinkering & Embellishment' started by Jeryl Beachy, Oct 19, 2017. There is a large range of angles from <10 to 40 degrees per side. I will likely crosspost this to r/sharpening to get their opinion. What approach were you using to sharpen previously? You can get a surprisingly sharp refined edge with the 600 grit diamonds on the Go. Gift cards. Ultimately, the M2 seemed to be the sweet spot for me on price, features, and upgradeability, etc. Also if it matters I like the mirror edge finish. Magnets, aluminum, quick change, etc. I find it is a lot sturdier and less likely to flex. I've sharpened a small chef's knife (6") with it, and am currently working on a Ka Bar BK11 with it. Also ApostleP on you tube ended up going with the Edge Pro after trying various systems. On knives like hollow ground or saber with parallel surfaces, taller blades, and knives with steeper angles work much better (a Benchmade Bugout works fine). I have the gen 2 with the upgraded clamp and I’m not sure I’d buy it without that: the clamp is a huge huge selling point for me , it’s the one where you simply pull a lever and bam you’re clamped . If you don’t mind the idea of holding your knife in place, I’d go with the edge pro every single time, but I want to reiterate it can be easier said than done. I am sure this has been asked many time before but I am going to ask it again. But the results speak for themselves .if you don’t want a mirror and just a toothy diamond edge, you can’t really go wrong with a wicked edge . Smaller stones - thinking potential faster wear or issues sharpening larger blades. In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. You might look at those older videos for his perspective. That being said, I do have pretty much all the accessories like the quick release spring and stop collar sold by That said, I think it might be easier to sharpen smaller knives & get a lower angle on this setup vs the wicked edge. This is a technique issue, and a patience issue, not a system issue but it was still an issue for me, and a big one. There is a case to be made that the KME combines the best elements of both the EP and the wicked edge. I liked the concept of holding the blade vs clamping, Was 99% sure this was the system I was going to buy, Seemed to be inconsistent quality issues, and I would always be wondering what I was missing by not having the real-deal, so I assume this would also cost me more in the long run when I eventually upgraded to an actual Edge Pro.

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