It is an important ecotourism destination as it is pristine because it is difficult to get to, but entirely worth the effort. From shore or by boat, you have exclusive access to 50 dive sites, miles of pristine reefs, where diverse and dramatic undersea landscapes harbor the highest level of marine biodiversity on the planet. Rinca is just a short boat ride from Komodo island and is even closer to the island of Flores. Raja Ampat is an archipelago of islands, located just off the tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in Indonesia’s West Papua province. Visitors to this area also should see the island of Rinca, which is just south and east of Komodo. All your hard work is rewarded with three relaxation days in Bukit Lawang including a jungle walk in search of wild orangutans. Indonesia’s Top Ecotourism Destinations Wildlife, Scuba Diving, Volcano Treks and More With more than 18,000 islands scattered across the equator, Indonesia is a fascinating destination for those seeking adventure. This unique adventure in North Sumatra offers an exclusive opportunity for you to get hands-on with ongoing conservation efforts in remote villages and forest restoration sites. Bali Sharks, Serangan Island: Bali Sharks was founded by Hawaiian surfer Paul Friese in 2011 and was initially known as the Serangan Shark Project. Wakatobi is the third largest marine park in Indonesia. Raja Empat is one of the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia and one of the greatest ecotourism places in the world. Locals practice responsible tourism that aims to protect the forest and its inhabitants. In this experience, you will learn your basics of surfing in a safe way, together with our partner and sponsor RipCurl School of Surf. It is an unmissable ecotourism destination as it is pristine, because it is difficult to get to, but entirely worth the effort. Since 2005 the park has been listed as a tentative World Heritage Site. Together with Gili Eco Trust, these sharks are kept in a nursery for rehabilitation until they are ready to be released again into the wild. Most of the other islands where the dragons live have no permanent human residents at all. By using this site, we are assuming that you agree with our use of cookies. Visit Indonesia. Anyone can join hatchling releases for free and you can also donate by purchasing their documentary DVD, “A Journey Back to the Sea” for Rp 100,000. Westerlaken foundation focuses on improving human and children rights in Indonesia. There are currently no formal rules regarding Sea Turtle capture or nesting area protection in the Raja Empat Regency, but Biodiversity is trying to change that. Order your hard copy. Visit Bali Sharks. Dr. Wirayudha and his conservation group are working painstakingly to breed the critically endangered Bali Starling. FNPF encourages tourists to take walks into the rainforest and see their reforestation projects, meet the local village communities and to see how mining and palm oil plantations are threatening the region. The islands form the largest barrier reef in Indonesia, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Coral reef conservation is another priority, therefore they: Promote safe diver and snorkeler practices; Do not anchor on reefs, we use mooring lines here on our house reef; Only buy Line-caught fish and no reef fish; Have set up and are maintaining a Coral Nursery to help with reef restoration; and. You get very intimate encounters with the orangutans at Camp Leakey. Baby turtles releasing is seasonally from June into October. Bali Sea Turtle Society, Bali: The Bali Sea Turtle Society or BSTS is a charity group that aims to protect sea turtles. The good thing is that the money stays in the area. Researches move the eggs to a fenced-off hatchery, which is guarded to keep them away from poachers and once they’ve hatched, they will release the turtles into the ocean. You can. We also highly recommend Lovina Beach in the north of the island which is less crowded than a lot of the other beaches and a grea… The Island has about 800 human inhabitants and double that number of dragons. Learn about where to go, what do and what to say. They offer an alternative way of travel for those seeking more responsible travel for their vacations. The tourism is controlled. During the trips, volunteers work alongside small scale farmers, supporting their efforts and also helping to build solar latrines, plant trees, or construct wood-conserving stoves.

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