When you blend together the raw cashew and almond milk, you get this magical creamy sauce that is better than half and half! I always thought that adding ground up paste in the curries make it more thick and curry like, rather than making everything watery. It's loaded with vegetables, beans, and spices. RELATED RECIPES Stir the remaining chicken broth, tomato sauce and 1 1/2 tablespoons more curry powder into skillet. Amma used king fish for this recipe, any variety of fish with less bones can be used to make this curry. Taste and add more salt if desired. Spices – cumin, garam masala, curry powder, turmeric, paprika, and black pepper. TIP 4 4. Thank you Josephine! For this curry recipe, the optional splurge ingredient is coconut milk. Make sure to use freshly chopped garlic its one of those main ingredients to make the perfect fish curry. I mostly make chicken curries with coconut in it, somedays i need a curry which has no coconut and calls for simple onions and tomato masala. TIP 3 3. And without the coconut milk, this recipe works really well as part of a vegan Mediterranean diet. Easy Chickpea Coconut Milk Curry with Broccoli Desiree Nielsen RD fresh turmeric, garlic, Garam Masala, full fat coconut milk, curry powder and 11 more Spinach And Garlic Coconut Milk Curry… Pass assorted curry garnishes at the table. One thought on “Simple Curry Chicken Without Coconut Milk” lindalow says: September 10, 2019 at 1:00 am Yummy & simple ingredients . Super flavorful, the smell of cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom fill your kitchen as you cook. Spoon curry over hot rice and serve. Serves between 4-6 people depending on sides. *Coconut extract – Coconut extract is a versatile coconut milk substitute especially if you add a teaspoon of it to a cup of yogurt or evaporated milk. What’s in the gravy portion of the curry – What makes this curry creamy without using coconut milk is cashew and almond milk. You could even add 3-4 tbsp of coconut milk or coconut paste to make this curry even rich. 2. Taste so good. Lower heat; simmer gently. Cook, stirring occasionally, 8 to 10 minutes longer, until flavors blend and mixture cooks down a bit. While I like to add it so that the stew nice and creamy, it's just as delicious without it. Serve with naan, pita bread, rice, or quinoa. Indian Chicken Curry While this recipe calls for yogurt as a coconut milk substitute , you can actually do without it if you don’t want dairy in your curry. A quick and easy curry without coconut milk that is gluten free and dairy free, if you choose.

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