I love the way they are able to accurately pickup acoustic instruments, and overall, I think they sound great. Earthworks mics are great, to me they sound ultra-clean! I havn't tried the TC20s though. I know this probably isn't much help, but I figured I'd weigh in. I’ll be honest — although I had five or six opportunities to use it as a live vocal mic, I couldn’t get myself to do it. Good Versatile SDC Pair for Studio and Stage, Already have an account? Very useful info. A mic as versatile as you. You can check out my website to hear some tracks done w/ SM81s. For me, the tc30's sound great! they are really great as handheld vocal mics for people used to cupping sm58s. I have a pair of Kel HM-1's and am very familiar with the earthworks TC30 as well as the Earthworks cartoid. mc930 or sr20/sr25 low enough for upright bass? There great mics and if you can get them for that proce, get them!!! And the one SR69 I had in my possession I was reserving for the snare drum. they sound pretty good with fair dose of eq. If you are looking for a step up I would go for the earthworks but get a cartoid if you don't have a great room. guys... much appreciated. Small diaphragm mic test on acoustic guitar for magazine story. Its near-perfect cardioid polar pattern is consistent across all frequencies, simplifying mic placement and ensuring more gain before feedback. Specifically the KM184's? The Earthworks DrumKit System comes in an attractive solid wood carrying case. Cabs and SDC's just don't seem to get along for me. The TC omnis really shine in great spaces but the cartoid will give you more options afterwards. Earthworks cardioid microphones are unlike all the rest, as they have patented near-perfect cardioid patterns. From subtle strums on an acoustic guitar to powerful crashes of cymbals, the SR25 never compromises your sound. Never used one, but I've never heard a SDC capture a cab better than a good dynamic, ribbon, or even some LDCs. These will mainly be used for drum overheads but occasionally for what ever else. The sound across the entire front hemisphere is remarkably uniform and is flatter at 90 degrees than most microphones are on-axis. The tracks sounded fine--exactly like the cab's output. They are exceptionally crisp without being too harsh (unless you are in a small bright space) and really bring out the tone of a drum kit. You need an account to post a reply. Has anyone tried them on cabs for the "in the room sound". Even, i have tc30k's, love them. Will it set itself apart from my other mics? The Earthworks SR25 is a stainless steel workhorse. Hey there! It is very accurate and doesn't color the signal. I am shopping for some mid grade overhead mics. The high end is pleasing on cymbals and doesn't hype anything. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. I've done this with SDC's before with some OK results. The KickPad A good kick drum microphone needs to be designed and optimized for that specific purpose. site1skuJ06345000000000 site1prodJ06345 J06345 site1skuJ06345000000000 Earthworks SR25 Cardioid Condenser Mic Skip to main content Skip to footer Rocktober Call & Save on Limited-Time Deals. Take a look at the KEL HM-1 as a OH'S mic, they sound pretty good. earthworks are very accurate--you'll deff get some use out of it.. something about those omni's... try using it as a mono overhead on drums, it will get more beef that you'd think. A tightly controlled cardioid capsule keeps you in control of your sound, eliminating phasing issues and bleed that muddy your sound. You can get some really good results just with them and a kick mic too. Earthworks markets the SR69 (aka SR20) as a handheld vocal condenser microphone for live applications. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. But I don't see it working out great on cabs. Ok then! Condensor: Earthworks SR25 (cardioid) are the overhead mics used in the "live" Drumkits and are well worth it. Yes, thinking back over your C4's what qualities would you look for by comparison? I like my Earthworks SR30s and QTC40s better for drum overheads than my SM81s, when used through a good tube preamp that smooths out the cymbals (I use a Sebatron vmp). Smoother mids? i have an sr69. Is it really that dreamy of a difference? I've never used the SM81's on drums, but we use them at school for remote stereo recording. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The patented cardioid pattern on the SR25 provides a more uniform off-axis response and less susceptibility to acoustic feedback. as stated, they rule for percussive stuff, tambo, etc--. What direction do you want to go vs. your C4 pair which you like? I'd love to say it would be used for some delicate string or acoustic recordings, but those gigs don't seem to roll through that often for me. Why? Description The Earthworks SR25 is a cardioid instrument microphone designed for miking drums and electric guitars in live performance and studio recording environments.

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