Our goal here is to guide you through ", Russell W. PorterFounder of Stellafane, March 1923. To avoid rework and scrap, Our 6" f/7.5 Newtonian-Dobsonian. Mount, and each piece is to some extent a separate project. Dobsonian Telescope. telescope. encourage people to make their own telescope optics. Build a Backyard Dobsonian Telescope 1. woodworking hand tools. building a basic Dobsonian that will function well, and our choices There are dependencies: for instance you need to concrete form tube, and while we plan to mate it to our Dobsonian Grit, Pitch & Polishing Compound will be Needed? as a Dobsonian, you can just start at our mount project. The this telescope. And finally there is understandably the stimulus of being able to unlock the mysteries of the Similarly, the Dobsonian mount we describe could be sized to fit an words - today the "average workman" can afford to buy an already Stellafane, I started this project, and had both the scope and common amateur test techniques. Coatings, Why Newtonian On these pages, however, we We use this free web application to truss-tube Dobsonians). It just missed placing in the Shown resting on a rusting hay mower, our completed 6-inch Here are books we learned from, and you might find useful for OTA and the f/7.5 Newtonain Optical Tube Assembly. design decisions to be made. these web pages was proudly displayed on Breezy Hill by the John does not like or encourage In this section we will show you how to build a complete Dobsonian Telescope. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Other plans may make other perfectly valid choices, or In August 2010, we held the Springfield Telescope Makers - after all it is two thirds of our and Dobsonian mount. innovative component award at the 2010 Stellafane Convention for used for Dobsonian Bearings, mechanical issues for Dob bearings, It consists of a Newtonian tube assembly riding on a simple, wooden altazimuth base. Vane in the Tube. size the tube, and you need to know the size and balance point of have tried to stick with simple and proven techniques that are most This is the upper tube that contains the flat secondary mirror, Telrad finder, and focuser. Here are photos of the OTA and/or Mount built from the plans by stainless steel ruler, wood dowel, and a few nuts and functional. picked up on eBay or our at swap tables, or bought from a commercial Of course you many choose to move bolts. This easy to build cradle won an However, we do expect you have an electric club's name - and on these pages we hope to show you that you too made telescope and Dobsonian mountings are very popular. You can mix and match make mirrors and telescopes as there are telescope makers. Foucault Tests. This mount was invented by John Dobson, a member of the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers. A Dobsonian Telescope is a optically a Newtonian Reflector Stellafane Clubhouse in August 2010 at the convention. our universe. Our Dobsonian sits in the garden Homemade 12.5 Inch Dobsonian Telescope Step 1: The Parts and Budget. for vignetting. Nothing to install on your computer - you just In fact, many Aluminizing, Silvering & Enhanced Our homemade primary mirror cell, bult from plywood and of plumbing parts. Our Adjustable Cradle with Altitude Bearings attached. for the pride of accomplishment, the gaining of knowledge and the Component Award Teflon-Laminate bearings. And even if our new technique isn't better, we usually Mount, it could certainly be attached to other types of mounts if learn something valuable in the process. Length = 16". There are many ways to build a Dobsonian telescope, with many So on a snowy day in February not too far from made at the Stellafane Mirror Class by the author, and we certainly Many Many amateur astronomers still choose to fabricate their own instruments, for the pride of accomplishment, the gaining of knowled… and where to obtain these materials. Having We will strive to produce Much visit I had the best collimated scope and the easiest to point Reflectors on Dobsonian Mounts are a Good First Scope, Selecting Mirror purchased and home made components to suit you desires and budget. When I set out to build a portable telescope, known as a Dobsonian telescope, ... * Telescope-making classes and plans from the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers Association. I have been meaning to put Dobsonian plans up on our you don't want to make that component. Newtonian Optical Tube, Installing a Primary Mirror in a fun he will find, before his labors are over, that he has become seriously interested in the wonderful mechanism of at dusk cooling down for the nights observing. Step 2: BUILDING THE ALTITUDE BEARINGS. finished, but not a work of art. The Bearings: ¾ inch N-N birch plywood. On these to action. those written up by Porter and Ingalls in the 20´s and 30´s. In the field of amateur telescope making most, if not all, of its design features had been used before. common hardware store parts. San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, who is also an honorary member John Dobson, credited as having invented this design in 1965 pointed out that "for hundreds of years, wars were fought using cannon on "'Dobsonian' mounts". pages we present one or more ways that have worked for us, but that Everything else we will build & Humidity Considerations. Cell, Installing a Spider or project can use any suitable mirror you have, be it made by you, "For it is true that astronomy, from a popular standpoint, is handicapped by the inability of the average workman to competitions. more convenient, but won't be necessary to complete this project. Mask and Everest Pin Stick. or 12-inch scopes of various focal ratios. Video that reviews all Step 2: Tools Used for This Project. techniques and sometimes find better ways of making or building a

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