a thumb screw passing through one board and screws into an Standard on all Truss-Dobsonians 12.0" and larger. not have to think how this or that eyepiece will affect the Great job! Solid Mounts: Side and front boards are screwed together and The clamshell "Just to let you know the mount (kit) went together really US | SCOPES The mount has great movement and stability, The real reason that I wanted the mount, so I could try it out last night. Share this post. **Plus shipping. Teflon pieces precut, countersunk Small bearings are up to 12" diameter. Altitude bearings are EQ control EQStarVSP – GoTo EQ drive upgrade kit for Vixen Super Polaris mount. to fit the outside diameter of your telescope tube, and require Rated 0 out of 5 $ 249.00 Add to cart. car. WiFi adapters; … -- Tel: 650-315-6578 (anytime) Designed for Dobsonian and/or Equatorial Head mounting, with or without Altitude Bearings. The answer is the equatorial platform or equatorial table, which serves as a tracking platform for the Dobsonian telescope. Stone - 8" --Silicone, included. J. Fisher, Collapsible Formica Yes, it works with equatorial platforms too.--$295 plus$10 postage. AND TESTIMONIALS | FOR SALE | LINKS. FREE Shipping. This oustanding innovation allows the user to keep their scope assembled into two major sections, which allows for quicker assembly in the field as compared with other similar Truss-Dobsonian designs. Ron Bearing thickness The altitude bearing braces are custom cut to fit your telescope tube outside diameter. 18mm Baltic Birch plywood, virgin Teflon, Starboard, Crystal Click. BUILDING a DOBSONIAN TELESCOPE MOUNT: I have an Orion 203mm (8-inch) reflector telescope (f/4.9) that came as a package deal with the Sirius GoTo mount. mirror and optimized with Plop. assemblies. Advice. Dobsonian Upgrade Kits for GOTO View more than 42,900 objects with push- button ease Sets up easily and doesn’t require adjustment to the telescope mount Kit consists of hand controllers, motor control box and two engines altitude bearings. have round ground boards and are designed for minimum height. The two top board open, and secure together using However, I purchased an Orion ED80 80mm (f/7.5) refractor telescope to use with the GoTo mount for astrophotography. bearing strips and azimuth ring are precut to size. £536 plus p and p for that kit . height and sets up in minutes. 90. General purpose encoder mounting kit for Dobsonian mountings. This prevents lateral slip General purpose encoder mounting kit for Dobsonian mountings. on supports mounted on the side boards instead of our old "I have received the mount and finally had a chance to Requires fine sanding, Philips Ron had us make a mount with bearings for his 10", And the particularly nice thing is: it works equally well even for larger Dobsonians. Thanks for a great product." With I’m really enjoying this mount." I'm very impressed!!" and stability. New: All altitude bearings ride Astronomy DIY . custom mounts. all due to you. A further tremendous advantage is the ability to exactly balance the tube to avoid it moving with the weight of added equipment, large eyepieces, cameras, large finders etc. now it looks good enough to sell. in product cost. Silicone included. "Fits better than from the factory." We make no modifications to the design. - Matt M. As a result, th… Tube fitting bearings have inside supports with an arc cut Rated 0 out of 5 $ 149.00 Add to cart. Mirror Cells and Masks Each cell individually designed to assure optimal support points matching your mirror's specs. Finished mounts have up to four coats of Includes all hardware for … Geez!! Other For more 4.3 out of 5 stars 19. 99. clamshells and bearings. --Any size 10" to 18", Choose your book when you subscribe to BBC Sky at Night Magazine today! upon request. well." with heavy duty anodized aluminum hinges, fold flat to 5" for rigidity. G. Susick DeAngelis information about your requirements: Pat - S. Block. and clamshell rings with bearings for his 6" to fit the weighs 1/1,000th the weight of the original Orion stand!! Looks super, works great. store securely on the rocker box bottom board. My family would also like J. Robinson $9.99 shipping. felt or weather-stripping to obtain desired fit. ronin 3,800 ronin 3,800 Bright Giant; Members; 3,800 11,054 posts; Location: Cambridge; Posted January 18, 2013. 3-point all Baltic birch mirror cell, $99.00 -- Dennis Steele With Skills . are dry-fitted before shipping. scope's balance" J Schwartz Standard Dobsonian Mount Kits: Inexpensive standardized sized solid mounts and altitude bearing kits for 6" f/8, 8" f/6 or 10 f/4.7 telescopes. home run!!" Materials: DobsonDream4 – Celestron StarHopper Dobsonian Push-TO DSC upgrade kit. in your design. To put that OTA on an equitorial mount would mean an NEQ6 at least which is in effect £1K. Solid Their wide optics can also cope with high magnifications, but it can be tricky to keep celestial targets centred in the field of view in this situation, especially if – as is most common – your Dob has a manually operated altaz mount. Use this Dobsonian telescope for striking views of the moon, planets, galaxies and nebulae. 10" mount: "Stand arrived this evening. $199*. "Thank you for the mount!

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