Considering 50/50 Custody? Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f996a353bea8056 You want time with an unfit parent to be none, or minimal and supervised. Biological fathers do not pose special risks to their children. Furthermore, it is unclear to what extent, if any, downgrading a parent to occasional visits prevents conflict. Have a good catch-up session with your kids whenever they visit. A good parenting plan limits the number of changeovers and schedules them to happen via school. For some parents, 50/50 custody appears to be the best way to compromise on custody, but is it really fair to their children? Many countries and states have been reluctant to make joint custody the presumptive position in custody cases. If equal time was not required, Timtab AI software would choose a schedule where the baby visits the non-custodial parent either (a) three times per week without staying overnight or (b) twice a week with an overnight stay each time. Children themselves don't report it as an issue. Having a 50/50 parenting plan does not, repeat not, mean there is no child support. Joint physical custody (also called shared physical custody, shared residential custody, shared parenting time, etc.) For example, decade-long statistics for Australia show that children are more likely to be murdered by their mother or her new boyfriend / partner than by their biological father (Australian Institute of Criminology). In Australia, mothers are awarded majority care by judges 46% of the time. Trips to and from school happen twice daily. (Nevada Revised Statutes). There is little case law and no statute that directly addresses how you calculate child support with a 50-50 parenting plan. No extra travel is actually needed. Children look forward to changeovers when they feel welcome and loved. Shared care is applied in 21% of contested cases while 3% of fathers are given majority care. Co-parenting then becomes inappropriate and has negative effects. Technology is also reducing conflict and negative effects on children. They should usually be able to go between homes with just a small backpack. Babies and very young children are ill-suited to co-parenting because a night or two away from a caregiver feels like a long time to them. But the fact is that children generally do better when custody is shared. Shared parenting is not inherently difficult. While contact frequency goes down, tension and hostility between parents tend to rise. This problem of travel and co-parenting is not about doing extra trips between homes. You can be a full-time parent even if you only see your kids half the time. That cannot be achieved with joint physical custody, which is often defined as a child being under each parent's care at least 35% of the time. Custody isn’t about the parents it’s about the child and it’s our responsibility to make decisions that benefit each child and not make rules that could be detrimental to some children. With digital communication, co-parents don't have to talk to one another. Buy your kids everything they need. The case against 50/50 custody has been made many times. The child leaves our house sad all the time, not wanting to go to the mothers and complains she doesnt not get enough time with her dad. Analogies such as "bounced around like a yo-yo" and kids being treated like "ping pong balls" are commonly used. A bond with a second parent can normally be formed or strengthened quickly. "High conflict" parents struggle to resolve problems by themselves, battle over custody and may have hostility issues. See what custody schedule Timtab creates for you. Joint custody is often opposed using reasons that are weak, inaccurate or overblown. To avoid problems, here are some of the strategies to use. That's essential for continuity in your relationship. As you can see, having a “final” order in any custody case, whether it be for sole or joint custody, does not end the numerous problems that may arise or the ongoing need for modification as the child grows. Another criticism of joint custody is that regularly moving between homes has negative effects on children (and not just babies or toddlers). No parent should have joint custody of a child if they are genuinely unfit to be a parent. I already asked about 5 different questions about peoples opinions about sole vs joint custody. If a child can handle attending school, in a way they have already proven themselves more than able to cope with living across two homes. I should say that some of the analysis may look pro-father. Such an appearance is inevitable. Under Nevada law, for example, parental rights may be terminated if a parent is deemed "unfit". Linda Nielsen found that children do better on a general wellness index -- covering emotional and physical health, academics and more -- where fathers have at least 35% custody. As the travel difference starts to extend to an hour or more per trip, visits with the distant parent need to be restricted to weekends and school breaks. Bookmark the permalink. Joint physical custody does not mean that parents have equal time with the child. For example, Robert Emery has stated "I consider about 25 percent of overnights as being joint physical custody in terms of having enough opportunity to have a rich relationship with your children.". I’m not in favor of presumptive 50/50 custody which is what I believe you are arguing for. In situations where both parents get along and can work together well, it can be a viable option. There is simply no evidence for a linear relationship between the time that non-resident parents spend with their children, and a greater incidence of post-separation violence towards the primary caregiver. The back and forth from attending school is much more demanding. If you’re considering joint custody or 50/50 arrangement, you may be thinking that if you both have the kids half the time, no one will have to pay child support. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Research in this area is coming down on the side of joint physical custody being beneficial irrespective of whether parents can be considered "high conflict". Just because a parent hasn't spent much time on certain child-rearing tasks before doesn't mean they're incapable of doing them.

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