The proposed antenna gives the reflection coefficient of -16.8dB, -36.94dB and -27.73dB respectively in simulation. Effective test case sequencing or prioritizing the test cases based on criticality and risks is a key task of a tester. To introduce the research world to the graduates not only in their own domain but also in multidisciplinary domain, so that they feel motivated for higher studies. This device collects data continuously for an extended period of time and functioned as an alert device when soil moisture dropped below the specified value. This prioritization technique organizes the test cases in sequential order in either ascending or descending order. Design and develop hardware and software requirements to meet the needs of Electric drives, Automation, Power Systems and Embedded systems based industries. The main intention of the mining is to extract the information from a large no of data set and convert it into a reasonable structure for further use. To provide excellence in technical education of electrical and electronics engineering and produce globally competent engineers for the revolution of industry. Nonlinear filters have shown their supremacy in removing the outliers from a signal affected by non-Gaussian noise, such as clicks, scratches, salt-and pepper impulses etc., Median filter is the most sought after non linear filter known for its excellent noise reduction capability. 3. As worldwide systems extend the interconnection of universal information network, the smooth activity of communication and computing arrangements becomes vital. II EEE A 27/07/2018 To 29/07/2018 Pentagon Switch Gear India Private limited. Consequently, the revoked user cannot access each the antecedently and sub- quietly shared knowledge. This antenna is designed using FR4 substrate with dielectric constant 4.4. 1. M2: To provide quality education through effective teaching learning process for their future career, viz placement and higher education. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience. It is used in mobile phones and voice activated systems. 62/1C-4, SARKAR SAMAKULAM VIA KUPPEPALAYAM, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641107. Co-ordinator Name : Prof.Dr.M.Rajendiran, Student Name : Pavithra. In addition to academics, the students career is enhanced through training in soft skills, personality development and placement training classes. It is used to create a tool that manages the handling of license using unique identification associated with each individual. Digitized India is used to connect rural areas with high speed Internet. 5. A 6*6 square metallic patch antenna was designed in back for simple frequency selecting purpose. Hence,the secret fragment mosaic image creation technique is aimed to design a novel method that can, not only transform a secret image into a secret fragment-visible mosaic image of the same size, but also has the visual appearance of any freely selected target image, without the need of an actual database nor any compression techniques. Professional body is responsible for education and training and setting and raising their standards. 9. have also been integrated to the proposed system to monitor the exact condition in real-time basis. Therefore this system is proposed, to take media streaming to every user who uses smartphones. M4: To prepare graduates adaptable to the changing requirements of the society through lifelong learning. At the moment there are many safety wearable devices in the market which helps to track the daily activity of children and also help find the child using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services present on the device. To prepare students to analyze, design and implement basic electrical circuits and power systems using the knowledge of basic science and mathematics. The conductivity of the top soil increases as the volumetric wet substance increases. Our department is equipped with eminent faculty members who are expertise in various technical domains. 12. The emotional ascent of unstructured information like photographs, recordings and online networking has introduced another type of non-social databases and which are named as “Big Data”. We demonstrate how to apply the proposed workings to securely and smoothly manage the confidential data distributed in the disruption-tolerant military network. An Internet of Things makes computing truly ubiquitous and the early expectations of any new technology almost always surpass what is really achievable. Everyday new reports and stories started regarding innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that comprise the probable to alter our lives. In many cases, it is desirable to provide differentiated access services such that data access strategies are defined over user attributes or roles, which are managed by the key authorities. Domain : Internet of Things Segmentation of brain MRI and CT images are broadly used as a preprocessing, for research that inhabit study and mechanization, in the domain of medical image processing. The directivity values in simulation are 7.7dBi, 3.8dBi and 6.3dBi respectively. The sensored information should be given as an analog key in of the Node mcu Arduino board. We intend a novel monitoring problem, Efficient Notification of Meeting Points (ENMP) for multiple moving users: given a group of moving users U, a set of points of interest (POI) P, ENMP continuously information the optimal meeting point po∈ P to users in U such that their maximum distance toward pois minimized. The advancements in digital technologies had led to the abundance of Image datasets, various Image processing techniques to understand and deal with complex problems and challenges in adverse conditions in the image acquisition process, occlusion, objects with complicate shapes, with topological variations or undergoing complex motions.

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