If this is to be rated as something positive or less positive is dependent on the individual requirements of every user. Contrary to most computer-related goods, the cost of a configured E6410 ordered direct from Dell UK is higher than the equivalent E6400 from two … Naturally, there are also weaker and thus less expensive versions available due to Dell's build-to-order principle. Upgrades in regards to range of service are also possible, but the warranty is limited to three years according to information in the shop. With the notebook closed the screen cover gave above average protection for the screen and should prevent any keyboard key marks on from imprinting on the LCD after being transported in a backpack loaded with other items. They have a surcharge of 25 euro each. A blatant difference between integrated graphic chips and dedicated graphic solutions can also be seen in the rates. The extensive individualization options in many areas are definitely a great advantage of the Latitude E6410. Apart from configurational differences (fingerprint reader), you'll see yourself facing the same case in the model at hand, as for instance in the older E6400. Whilst narrower viewing angles are possible from the horizontal field of vision, allowing 2-3 people to follow content on the display side by side, annoying color changes and especially an increasing contrast loss already turn up at the slightest deviation from the ideal, perpendicular viewing angle on the vertical plane. Dell uses the back third of the lateral edges and the rear (despite the centrally placed battery) consistently for the alignment of built-in interfaces. Thus, it may be necessary to not only correct the opening angle in mobile use, but also in stationary use. Overall compared to the HP EliteBook 8440w and Lenovo ThinkPad T410, the Latitude E6410 holds its own and performs quite well. Grabbing the notebook by the palmrest and carrying it around didn’t cause any twisting or creaking noises. Dell still has two different display alternatives available for its 14 inch Latitude. Summarizing: a SSD bids a silent operating, a lower power consumption, less waste heat, considerably faster transfer rates and access rates in comparison to a HDD and beyond that it's also absolutely shock resistant. Other features include an optical drive, SDHC-card reader, and a SmartCard reader. It looks different in regards to mobile internet broadband, which is available for the E6410 according to the data sheet (Dell Wireless 5620 (EVDO+HSPA+AGPS) or Dell Wireless 5540 (HSPA+AGPS)), but isn't listed in the online shop. The case always remained within a green field with surface temperatures of a bit under or over 30°C in idle mode over several hours. Thus, the MacBook 2010 has a comparable range, for example. The palmrest and touchpad showed no signs of sag under heavy prodding. 2-3 euro per gigabyte of capacity. Whilst, the integrated graphic solution manages basic tasks, i.e. Dell Latitude E6410: Minding Intel's Business. The E-family's docking solutions are compatible, starting with the E-Legacy Extender (56.90 euro) over the E-Port up to the E-Port Plus (177.90 euro). The power consumption is within a range of 12 and 18W in the usual office mode. Alternately, there is also a battery for the modular drive bay available - 48Wh for 135 dollars. The Dell Latitude E6410 has a very comfortable LED backlit keyboard. As expected, the Core i7-620M CPU takes place in the far front of the statistics in the single-core rendering exercise, as it can overclock a single core up to 3.33 GHz due to Intel Turbo Boost. This is nice if you use your notebook in brightly lit areas where reflections can be distracting. High-end case materials, comprehensive individualization options, first-rate outdoor suitability, very quiet operating. Visible dimming couldn't be observed. Dell integrates two input options as a mobile mouse replacement right away. Viewing angles were average, with the vertical viewing range spanning from 15-20 degrees tilted forward or back. crucial to the jobs of IT pros. The case's, perhaps somewhat premature aforementioned, weaknesses remain. In view of this, Dell's surcharge of 580 euro for a fast 7200 rpm/320GB HDD seems almost fair. Both panel offerings have matte surfaces, instead of the glare-prone glossy displays. The practical test in sunlight also confirms this: The Latitude E6410 supplies a premium, working suitable image in both shade and direct sunlight. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community. Even a consistent utilization of the main components in the stress test only increased the noise level to a still acceptable 35.5 dB(A). But as if that's not enough. The most different WLAN modules are available, for example from Intel or Dell's own. You can choose amongst the Intel GMA HD integrated on the processor unit and the dedicated Nvidia NVS 3100M as the graphic card. Sporting a wide range of Intel Core processor options, Intel integrated and NVIDIA NVS 3100M dedicated graphics, and two display options.

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