1. Charts and graphs have been in use throughout the ages, and you’ve been able to pull them together in Excel since it was released on the Macintosh in 1985. Data visualization (spelt visualisation in British English), is not, in itself, a new thing. Xplenty is a cloud-based data integration platform that prepares data for your data visualization software. Best Overall Data Visualization and Business Analytics Tool. You can also open any available spreadsheet having XLSX, XLS, SYLK, ODS, SXC, or Gnumeric format. Yes – the excel has been known for its data analysis functions, can demonstrate your boring data in an expressive manner. Here are my top picks for the best data visualization tools and platforms to use this year. Microsoft Excel in 1985 was the first of many visualization tools to help communicate data, such as big-picture executive-level reports and detailed weekly dashboards. 1. Databox. What Are the Best Data Visualization Tools? No matter what data you want to analyze, doing data visualization seems to be a necessary step. Many visualization tools have emerged since then. Easily filter and drill down to get to the details without submitting another report request. Gnumeric is next in the list of best free data visualization tools.As you open this freeware, it displays an empty spreadsheet to make data entries. These data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. It can integrate data from more than 100 data stores and SaaS applications. Charts and maps can increase the effectiveness and expressiveness of data. EDITOR: Updated for 2019. Break free of endless pivot tables and start dragging and dropping your way to intuitive reporting. Xplenty’s native connectors will make it easy to configure pulling or pushing data from the popular data sources on the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise infrastructure. Once you are done with data loading, select entire data and go to Insert menu. Today, as part of Build, we announced that Power BI Custom Visuals will be rolling out in Preview to Office 365 subscribers enrolled in the Office Insiders program soon, extending Excel charting capabilities and more than doubling the data visualization options for the most widely used data analytics tool in the world. Data Visualization tools take complex and nuanced business problems and make them digestible for your entire team. And you would be surprised to know the various visualization tools your own Excel has under the hood! So, today I am going to take you through the definition, concept, implementation process and tools for data visualization. Databox is a data visualization tool used by over 15,000 businesses and marketing agencies. But many people don’t have a specific concept of data visualization, and they don’t know how to implement it.

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