Cyclone Nargis left over 138,000 people dead and tens of thousands injured, and 2.5 million homeless. 4:58. Facts about Cyclone Nargis 4: the word Nargis. 0:45 . The word Nargis is taken from the Urdu word. Since the military coup d’état that ended democratic rule in Myanmar in 1962, there have been frequent reports of grave human rights violations against ethnic minorities—like the Karen, Chin and Rohingya peoples—and political dissidents. Cyclone Nargis Documentary - Duration: 4:22. Long-Term. There were around 55,000 people missing and many other deaths were found in other towns and areas, although … BBC News Recommended for you. The Labutta Township alone was reported to have 80,000 dead, with about 10,000 more deaths in Bogale. The helicopters are a welcomed sight by locals. Facts about Cyclone Nargis. Before Nargis, nLw(645) at this location was 1.87 mW cm −2 μm −1 sr −1, compared with a value of 5.04 mW cm −2 μm −1 sr −1 after Nargis. Cyclone Luban Update - 6am Oct 13, 2018 - Duration: 4:58. Force Thirteen 14,046 views. The storm moved inland, but remained along the coast of the Irrawaddy Delta, which prevented the rapid weakening traditionally exhibited by cyclones as they moved over land, this didn’t happen until the 3 rd of May. It means daffodil. Tropical Cyclone Nargis: 2008 - Duration: 0:45. Cyclone Nargis is considered as the most damaging cyclone in the country because it cost more than US$10 billion or K62,988,000,000. When Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar 10 years ago, 140,000 lives were lost and 800,000 were displaced. Find facts about Cyclones here. Cyclone Nargis and the Question of Coercive Aid Delivery. 2:33 . C20-Why more cyclones … NASA Video 5,712 views. Cyclone Nargis made landfall in southwest Myanmar on 2 May, near the town of Wagon in the Ayeyarwady Division. Cyclone Nargis (Developing) Specific Facts. Despite this, the Burmese forecasters reported there was little or no risk; Indian and Thai weather agencies warned the Burmese Government about the cylone; There were no emergency evacuation plans; Responses . … Irrawaddy delta, Burma; 2nd May 2008; Causes/ Preparation. The word was originated from Persian word Nargess. CYCLONE NARGIS DEAD . Eighty eight remote locations, including villages that had yet to receive any assistance since Cyclone Nargis struck, have now been reached. Myanmar man makes guitars from Cyclone Nargis wood - BBC News - Duration: 2:33. It was the worst natural disaster ever in Myanmar (Burma). Similar to changes of nLw (645), before and after the cyclone, nLw (859) had a dramatic jump from 0.266 to 2.12 mW cm −2 μ m −1 sr −1 , and the Chl‐a concentration also increased significantly from 5.87 to 10.86 mg/m 3 .

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