Facts about Cyclone Nargis 4: the word Nargis. After forming in the Bay of Bengal, Nargis continued to approach the land, striking low lying and coastal areas. The category 4 storm slammed into Myanmar’s low-lying Irrawaddy Delta, an … Cyclone Nargis. Facts about Cyclone Nargis 3: the cost of damage. Cyclone Nargis landfall.jpg 5,600 × 7,200; 4.94 MB Cyclone Nargis seen by Envisat.jpg 1,178 × 1,904; 2.24 MB Cyclone Nargis Track map-fr.svg 869 × 622; 421 KB Find facts about Cyclones here. It was categorized as a Category 4 storm. Background to the scale of the impact of Cyclone Nargis: – Cyclone Nargis was a strong tropical cyclone that caused the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of Burma. The force of this category 4 cyclone, effectively transferred into surrounding oceans off the bay, leading to massive storm surges, comparable to those carried out by cyclone Katrina. In early May 2008, Burma was struck by Cyclone Nargis, which left over 138,000 dead and tens of thousands injured, and 2.5 million homeless. Cyclone Nargis was a tropical cyclone.It was the first in the Indian Ocean in 2008. The word Nargis is … CYCLONE NARGIS . Cyclone Nargis is considered as the most damaging cyclone in the country because it cost more than US$10 billion or K62,988,000,000. It was the worst natural disaster ever in Myanmar (Burma). It was possibly one of the worst storms to have hit the country. On 2 May 2008, Cyclone Nargis made landfall in Myanmar, crossing the south of the country over two days, and devastating the Ayeyarwady Delta region. Damage was estimated at over $10 billion, which made it the most damaging cyclone ever recorded in this basin. It made landfall (went on land) in Myanmar (Burma) in April and May 2008. In 2008, Cyclone Nargis killed more than 138,000 people in Myanmar. Strong winds and heavy rain caused the greatest damage in the Ayeyarwady Delta, where a storm surge compounded the impact of the cyclone. According to official figures, 84,500 people were killed and 53,800 went missing. A total of 37 townships were significantly affected by the cyclone. A category 3 cyclone, Nargis affected more than 50 townships, mainly in Yangon and Ayeyarwady Divisions, including Yangon, the country?s largest city. – It began as an intense tropical depression on April 27th 2008 in the Bay of Bengal. When Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar 10 years ago, 140,000 lives were lost and 800,000 were displaced.

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