Psychologist; Assistant Professor, Pediatrics - Gastroenterology; Insurance. Adjunct Faculty Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD), Ponce Health Sciences University . Bachelor of Science in Nursing; MD … Our approach prepares students to appropriately provide clinical psychological services. In 2013, I completed a pre-doctoral internship with participation in a standard Dialectical Behavioral Treatment (DBT) program along with a general hospital rotation responding to consults related to non-compliant and suicidal patients. PsyD, Ponce Health Sciences University (Ponce, PR), 2015 Internship. Welcome to the Ponce Research Institute (PRI) at Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU). Ponce Health Sciences University is one of the best workplaces in Puerto Rico. Society of Pediatric Psychology Positions. Clinical Psychology, University Puerto Rico Affiliated Hospitals, 2015 Fellowship. We place a high priority on creating an intimate learning environment dedicated to our student success! Edna Rodriguez, PsyD. The whole island is in an awful state of disarray right now, and Ponce (south side of the island) has been hit very hard with back-to-back earthquakes in the past month and a half. Pediatrics/Behavioral, Holyoke Hospital, 2018 Memberships. PhD Biomedical Sciences; PsyD in Clinical Psychology; PhD Clinical Psychology; DrPH in Epidemiology; Master in Public Health (MPH) Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS) Certificate in Neuroscience of Learning; Certificate in Family and Couples Therapy; Master of Science in School Psychology; Alumni; Current Students; Education. Education. Our research team is dedicated to ongoing research in the Basic, Behavioral, Public Health, and Clinical Sciences. About the Curriculum. The Clinical PsyD program at Ponce Health Sciences University in St Louis immerses students in a science-based, five-year curriculum that focuses on the clinical application of psychological science. We place a high priority on creating an intimate learning environment dedicated to our student success!

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