She was buying stuffs in the market when a woman infront of her bought a dozen of salted egg, cream and cheese. Set aside. Pour the shrimp … Prawns With Creamy Salted Egg Yolks Sauce Ingredients: - 330g prawns (deveined) - 5 salted duck egg … Season with a bit of salt and white pepper powder. Until recently, I’ve only ever had it at restaurants. The result is this dreamy salty-sweetish prawn dish that had us licking the plate clean! For convenience, I use salted egg yolks. She asked the lady what will she do with it and told her that she will cook a salted egg shrimp. In a small bowl, mash salted eggs using a fork. Heat pan and tip in butter until it melts. Add the mashed salted eggs and cook for a few seconds. She learned the recipe in a very unusual place, the market. Dip each prawn into beaten egg … I honestly believed there was no way I could ever enjoy Salted Egg Yolk Prawns in … My mom asked for the recipe … Add the curry leaves and chili then mix to incorporate with the salted egg. I am using large “angka” (红脚虾) prawns for this recipe. For raw salted egg yolks, steam them until cooked before use. Mash the salted egg yolk finely using a fork. Remove shells and dark veins from prawns. This Salted Egg Yolk Prawn recipe is one that you can’t miss.

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