A number of medieval sources provided lists of collective nouns for various animals and birds, purportedly as technical hunting terms, although clearly fanciful in origin. Check out this list of collective nouns for Animals. Who ever was responsible for defining these group words clearly chose with care and humour. Collective Nouns Quiz. It is really amazing to see: A lot of deer are playing or; Lions are making noise, or We all visit Zoo or forest occasionally and everybody loves to see various types of animals. In answer to our blank stares, he explained that the collective noun used for a group of parrots was a pandemonium. Below is a simple quiz to test your knowledge of collective nouns. If you see any missing, let me know in the comments. It will track your correct answers, incorrect answers and score as a … No doubt, he’s been waiting for a chance to drop it in a conversation since the beginning of our trip. Collective Nouns for Animal Groups. Collective Nouns for Animals. Collective Noun - Examples of Collective Nouns for Animals. Collective Nouns For Animals! It means collective noun is a single noun that is made up of more than one thing or person or etc. Collective noun is a noun which describes a group of things oe people. That conversation piqued my curiosity and I decided to look up some more collective nouns for animals. Following is the list of every animal congregation I could find after scouring the web. Quirky Animal Collective Nouns Animal Collective Nouns – Big List Funny Clever and Clean Collective Nouns The Plain English Campaign Britain’s Most Irritating Expressions General … Will and Guy’s Amusing Examples of Collective Nouns For Animals Collective nouns are always interesting. A list of collective nouns or collective nouns for animals is simply never-ending. In this lesson, you will learn a list of common collective nouns for animals in English. Animal Name : Collective Noun Word / Group Name: alligator and crocodile: bask, congregation: alpaca: herd: ant: army, colony, nest, swarm: antelope: Show All 900+ Please share CNL with your friends! There are thousands of animals exist in the world.

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