Clematis viticella ‘Emilia Plater’ at Digging Dog Mail Order Nursery. They are fully frost-resistant, require strong pruning, in the case of younger plants… Genus: Clematis. Boulevard® Chevalier™ Clematis Clematis viticella 'Evipo040' Plant Patent #25,608. Clematis and tomatoes are two exceptions to the … One of my favorite clematis. Family: Ranunculaceae. Bred by an 85 year old Polish monk in 1967 and named after a young Polish freedom fighter from the early 1800s, this vigorous cultivar … Pronunciation: KLEM-a-tis vi-ti-SEL-lah. Synonyms: Polish Spirit Clematis. I don't find this to noticeably fragrant. Clematis viticella 'Polish Spirit' Common name: Polish Spirit Italian Clematis. Plant with the top of the root ball 3 to 5 inches below the surface and provide strong … Vigorous, floriferous, long-blooming, and, like all viticella hybrids, resistant to clematis wilt. ... CPN (Certified Plant … Produces a showy blend … A continuous profusion of large, violet-blue flowers with yellow-tufted centers. The most important features of Viticella clematis are, above all, ease of cultivation, resistance to diseases and pests, strong growth, they bloom for a long time and abundantly in summer and autumn on this year's shoots, covered with a lot of flowers. Type: Broadleaf. Sku #44105. Clematis viticella 'Alba Luxurians' ... Grow in fertile, well-drained but moist, acidic soil with abundant organic matter.

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